Fans witnessed the gruesome death of Oberyn Martell in episode 8, "The Mountain and the Viper." And while it is necessary and proper to pay our respects to the fallen Red Viper, he will not be the last Martell fans see. Season 5 of "Game of Thrones" will usher in new faces and places, and prepare for a little more heat because show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are heading to the southern most part of Westeros -- Dorne. While still unconfirmed by the series, recent spoiler reports have claimed that HBO has been scouting new filming locations in Spain. 

Entertainment Weekly reported that “Game of Thrones” is currently scouting locations in the Andalucia region of Spain. Spain, will serve as the seventh country where “Game of Thrones” has shot on location, and no that number is no coincidence. The new location is set to portray the city of Dorne, which became known to viewers first through its wine, then it’s sexually explicit prince, Oberyn Martell, and his paramour Ellaria Sand.  Dorne is the one of the Seven Kingdoms in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”series, in addition to the North, Iron Islands, the Riverlands, Vale, the Reach and the Stormlands. 

So who will fans meet once they arrive in Dorne, well mostly Martells! The first character set to make a big impact in Season 5 is the Red Viper’s older and ruling brother Doran Martell will be included in the series. Doran is the Lord of Sunspear, however, unlike his hotheaded brother, he is frail due to an illness, but still sharp with his wit. The casting news ages Doran to be around 50 years old, wheelchair bound, furthermore he is “reclusive” who “rules wisely.” Doran’s children, ArianneQuentyn and Trystane Martell, who is currently betrothed to Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella Baratheon are set to be introduced. Trystane is described as “the handsome fiancé of Princess Myrcella” and being aged up to 18 years old, which makes him several years older than in GRRM’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Despite the Martell’s late introduction to the “Game of Thrones” they are serious players who have been plotting for years, mainly since the Lannisters murder of Elia Martell, the wife of crown price Rhaegar Targaryen.

Though not Martell’s in name, the “Sand Snakes” share their families hot blooded Dornish nature. The “Sand Snakes” are the bastard daughters of the now deceased Oberyn Martell, in addition to their “Sand” surname, they get their nickname from their father’s own nick name of the “Red Viper.” There are 8 “Sand Snakes” so while they all may be introduced, fans can expect that only the three eldest daughters, ObaraNymeria and Tyene Sand to become recurring characters. While sisters, the three eldest “Sand Snakes” are all unique in both looks and skills, Obara Sand, the eldest is the most athletic of her sisters and is set to have a “major fight scene with a series regular character” in “Game of Thrones,” something that while intriguing for fans does not occur in “A Feast For Crows.”

Nymeria Sand is described as “mixed race,” bearing a striking resemblance to her father; Oberyn but possesses her dark-skinned mother complexion. Nicknamed, Lady Nym in the series, she is “beautiful, emotional and very strong.” Last but certainly not least is Tyene Sand, who is the closest of the “Sand Snakes” to her royal cousin Arianne Martell. As opposed to her physically strong sisters, Tyene “uses her wits and seductive powers,” who is just as deadly as her sisters, but instead of physical strength, her weapon of choice is poison.  The final character set to be featured in Dorne is surprisingly not a Martell. Areo Hotah, will be a new face for “Game of Thrones,” the fierce fighter is Prince Doran Martell’s personal bodyguard, who will “assist the prince with his duties” and protect him from any threats.