Jorah Mormont was banished by Daenerys Targaryen after she discovered that he had sold information about her to Varys at King's Landing, and in turn, King Robert Baratheon who killed her father. HBO

Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” has shocked fans with its increasing number of deaths. However, in episode 8 “The Mountain and the Viper” another character’s fate left fans in awe, and not just because there wasn’t any bloodshed, but because he was banished. The series came full circle in episode 8, with a plot from Season 1 finally being exposed three seasons later. Despite the time lapse, the repercussions were still harsh. Fans met Daenerys Targaryen in the pilot episode of “Game of Thrones” and before she was the Mother of Dragons, she was simply an impressionable young girl, desperate to return home. Daenerys was married to Khal Drago, via a plot created by Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos and Varys, the unofficial “master of whispers” of King’s Landing. Daenerys soon met Jorah Mormont of Westeros and the two bonded, he fell in love with her, however she viewed him as more of a protector in this still unknown world.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Season 4 of “Game of Thrones.” If you do not want to know what will occur in forthcoming episodes do not read any further.

However Jorah become fully devoted to the Khaleesi, he had ulterior motives for building a relationship with the young Tagaryen. Jorah was in Essos due to a pervious banishment, after marrying is wife, he drove himself into financial ruin but attempting to essentially buy her love. With no other options and desperate to pay off his accumulated debts, Jorah broke one of the Seven Kingdoms oldest laws and participated in the slave trade. When Warden of the North, Eddard Stark learned of Jorah selling people into the slave trade he traveled to Bear Island to carry out the punishment -- execution, however Jorah had already fled with his wife.

In exile, Jorah attempted to work as a sellsword to support his wife, however while he was away fighting the Braavosi, his wife took a lover. Again Jorah was given a choice, to either face his slave trade crimes or leave his wife, he left her and went to Volantis eventually meeting Viserys Tagaryen, who brought him into his service. Hoping to earn a royal pardon from the still living King Robert Baratheon, Jorah reports on the movements of the Targaryens, including Daenerys’ wedding, and even her pregnancy. After learning that the Targaryen is with child and has the support of a Dothraki khalasar, Robert Baratheon offers a lordship to any man that will assassinate Daenerys. In Season 1, Jorah learns of this via a letter from Illoyrio and immediately saves her from drinking poisoned wine, while he looked like the savior, his spying was what put the young Khaleesi in danger from the start.

His deception of Daenerys has not been touched upon since, but all that changed in episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper” when Barristan was given the royal pardon from a Meereenese boy allegedly sent from Tywin Lannister. Barristan first informs Jorah that he knows of his deception, but when Jorah asks to speak with Daenerys alone, the fierce knight warns, “you will never be alone with her again,” indicating the trust is now gone. Daenerys meets Jorah in the throne room of her Meereenese pyramid and questions Jorah about the pardon from Robert Baratheon, and he answers her truthfully. However, when he attempts to reach out and touch her face, Daenerys viciously recoils and banishes him from Meereen and her service, leaving Jorah with nothing.

So what will happen to Jorah? Well, he will leave Daenerys but he will not stop thinking about her. The now disgraced knight, makes his way to a brothel in Essos in an attempt to cheer himself up, and indeed his plan works, but not because of the women, but because of who he discovers inside. Jorah Mormont will discover Tyrion Lannister, the imp did always have a weakness for brothels and it seems a long stay in the black cells has only reinvigorated his desire for whores. Tyrion escapes execution in King’s Landing and makes his way across the Narrow Sea, it seems as though things are looking up for him, until that is, he encounters Jorah. Jorah captures the helpless Tyrion and decides that he will bring the Lannister back to Daenerys and pledge his allegiance, and she will somehow forgive him of his deception.

The plan seems a bit farfetched even for George R.R. Martin, but it isn’t Daenerys who spoils Jorah’s kidnapping plan. In a karmic twist of fate, Tyrion and Jorah are captured by Yunkish slavers. The two are bound together and do eventually make it back to Meereen, but as slaves and Daenerys is no the wiser, mainly because the young Queen is no longer there. After their slave master dies, Tyrion and Jorah escape together and seek refuge with the Second Sons, who are commanded (in the HBO series) by Daario Naharis, so fans should prepare for an interesting reunion. While the intersection between Tyrion and Jorah, and of course their quest to find Daenerys is intriguing, it will most likely be pushed back to “Game of Thrones” Season 5 because there are only two episodes of Season 4 left, and Tyrion is still stuck in King’s Landing.

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