The relationship between Daario Naharis and Daenerys Targaryen on “Game of Thrones” is most certainly intensifying in Season 4. And after last time when the dangerous sellsword volunteered as her champion and flawlessly defeated Meereen’s choice, fans should expect Daario to become even more involved with Daenerys and her Queendom of freed slaves. Despite some minor changes in Season 4 from that George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, Daario’s story arch is most likely going to coincide with the action that unfolded in “A Storm of Swords.” Considering this, we know for sure that Dany and Daario will grow closer, but his storyline was also develop on his own, here’s what to expect from the Tyroshi sellsword in Season 4.

Warning! This article contains major “Game of Thrones” spoilers, please do not read if you do not want to know what is going to happen in the rest of Season 4.

Daario is not the champion that Dany chooses in Meereen in “A Storm of Swords” but fans watched last night, as the young Queen rationalized why each one of her protectors and warriors couldn’t be sacrificed expect for Daario. In the novel, Dany is championed by another character by the name of Strong Belwas, however he has not been introduced to the TV series, so it’s safe to assume that Daario will take over most of his role as Dany’s protector and advisor. Daario took great honor in the opportunity to champion Daenerys and obviously wanted to impress the young and beautiful Queen with his dramatic kill, which he did rather steadily. His role within Meereen will only increase, once the last great slave city is conquered and the slaves freed, Dany will quickly turn her attentions to Westeros and the long awaited Iron Throne. However, due to her nativity and lack of control and unrest in the newly liberated slave cities, Dany decides to make a temporary throne in Meereen and rule as a fair and just Queen.  

While he is more of a fighter than a politician, Daario will help Dany rule Meereen as a well-rounded diplomat. Dany dispatches him to nearby Lhazar, as an ambassador, to re-establish the land trade routes between them and Meereen. Despite his promise of success in Lhazar, Dany sends him off with a heavy heart, mainly due to the fact that she is falling in love with him. Well, we are not quite sure if it is true love, but Daario and Dany most certainly lust for each other in Season 4. The sellsword originally pledged his life, sword and heart to the young Queen in Season 3, and now it seems like Dany maybe reciprocating the emotions when ruling in Meereen. Due to her lack of companions in Meereen, and the monotony of her tedious rule, Dany takes Daario as a paramour. Despite their sexual relationship and companionship, another man is set to enter Dany’s life in Season 4.

While Dany is welcomed in Meereen by the former slaves, the former slave owning families are severely opposed to her presence, in defiance of her Queendom, a rebel force rises up within the city and successfully assassinate the Unsullied soldiers and  freed slaves who are loyally serving the new Queen. The group calls themselves “Sons of the Harpy” and despite the wide-spread slaughter, are elusive and evade Dany. The killings emotionally wound Dany deeply, as she feels personally responsible for her followers who refer to her as “Mysha.” A marriage pact is proposed to Dany, from a member of the slave owning families, but there is a caveat that Dany insists on. If there are no killings and peace for 90 days, Dany will marry a Meereenese nobleman, Hizdahr zo Loraq. The peace ensues and the marriage occurs, much to Daario’s dismay. However he never turns his back on his Queen and still insists on serving her loyally, so don’t count Daario out yet because he is still set to be very much involved in Dany’s story even after Season 4.