Warning! There are multiple "Game of Thrones" spoilers within this piece. Please do not proceed if you have not yet finished "A Dance with Dragons" in George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. Despite the show spoilers, most of these thoughts are just theories from readers and viewers of "Game of Thrones." If you don't care about spoiling the HBO series, then read on. 

“The Winds of Winter” release date is becoming even more elusive than the story arc of Tyrion Lannister in “A Song of Ice and Fire.” But don't fret because George R.R. Martin’s time is running out, and we have some Tyrion theories that will genuinely blow your mind. When we had last seen Tyrion Lannister in “A Dance With Dragons” his story was moving in a more positive direction. He had managed to escape his current owner and Yunkish slave master, Yezzan Zo Qaggaz, and sought safety amongst the Second Sons, who are captained by Brown Ben Plumm. The sellswords most certainly did not take pity on the imp, instead Tyrion promised them large sums of Casterly Rock’s legendary gold for their corporation and protection. George R.R. Martin read an exclusive Tyrion point of view chapter at EasterCon, and according to fan notes, the clever dwarf will be using his powers of persuasion, (i.e. gold and his wits) in order to convince Brown Ben Plumm to turn his back on Daenerys, the Second Sons are currently in contract with the Mother of Dragons.

However, now with the arrival of Tyrion, the scorned Lannister is attempting to convince the sellswords that more riches and gold await for them at Casterly Rock, but only if they help him seize it. But without Daenerys’ assistance, Unsullied army, and of course her three dragons, Tyrion’s desire to regain his birthright seems unfeasible—unless he can convince Daenerys. Enticing a sellsword with gold will be like taking candy from a baby, but gaining Daenerys’ trust will be the major obstacle in Tyrion’s quest for Casterly Rock.

Daenerys will not trust him at first that is for sure. However, she did forgive Ser Barristan Selmy pretty quickly, all in favor of loyal service and honesty—two things Tyrion will offer. Another aspect that will make him desirable to Daenerys will be his information regarding her father, The Mad King Aerys. Tyrion’s blunt honesty is something that the courts of the Seven Kingdoms don’t necessarily appreciate; however when it comes to Daenerys, she will want to know the truth about her family, the whole truth. Despite his precarious situation, in “The Winds of Winter” Tyrion will also provide the Mother of Dragons with something else no one can, a way into Westeros and finally the Iron Throne. For the past five books of “A Song of Ice and Fire” we have listened to Dany claim that she will take what is hers, however she is still far from Westeros and even further from the Iron Throne. But now a Lannister has arrived at her feet, begging forgiveness and offering insight—something that even the most powerful dragon cannot pass up.

Tyrion will most likely suggest that they combine forces during his planned sack of his home and birthright Casterly Rock, allowing Daenerys an guaranteed victory in Westeros on her way to conquer the Iron Throne, while assuming his rightful place as the heir to Casterly Rock. Fan theories believe that this sack will be intiated from the east, allowing Daenerys to continue her quest as the “Breaker of Chains” and free as many Slave Cities as possible, only expanding her following and support. While Tyrion’s quick wit, persuasive tongue and knowledge of Westeros, will ensure him a trusted advisor of Daenerys in “The Winds of Winter” a further connection may be made, one that will change the course of “A Song of Ice and Fire” forever.

Several fans believe that Tyrion Lannister is actually a Targaryen. The clues have been there but only now are readers begging to see the clever imp as a dragon. Most who believe that Tyrion Lannister is actually a Targaryen claim that Mad King Aerys is Tyrion's real father, having forced himself on Tywin's wife Joanna. George R.R. Martin has made multiple references to the Mad King’s growing jealous of his Hand, Tywin. Ser Barristan Selmy confirmed these rumors when recounting the history of the Targaryens to Dany. In chapter 43 of “A Dance With Dragons” Barristan reveals the Mad King lusted for Joanna, which only caused further friction between the King and his Hand. At the wedding of Tywin to Joanna, Aerys drunkenly joked about how the first night tradition should be reinstated, and Barristan revealed that he wasn’t the most appropriate King during the bedding ritual when the men at the feast had to disrobe the bride.

In addition to the likelihood of the Mad King getting what he wanted, ie. Joanna Lannister, Tyrion’s physical traits could be misconstrued as Targaryen features as opposed to Lannister ones. When in Winterfell, Jon Snow describes Tyrion’s hair to be so blonde it looks white, very different from Cersei and Jamie’s Lannister gold. Plus Tyrion has one green Lannister eye, and one black one. But while it’s not Targaryen purple, the people of Westeros may not be looking at Tyrion’s eye well enough; Dany’s eyes are such a deep purple they appear black. Let’s not forget about the most important clue regarding physical traits. In “A Storm of Swords” Prince Oberyn Martell recounts seeing Tyrion for the first time, he says, “And well you might, since you were said to have one, a stiff curly tail like a swine’s. Your head was monstrous huge, we heard, half again the size of your body, and you had been born with thick black hair and a beard besides, an evil eye, and lion’s claws. Your teeth were so long you could not close your mouth, and between your legs were a girl’s privates as well as a boy’s." On the surface this most certainly sounds like a baby dragon, the symbolism only grows, dragons, as we learned from Maester Aemon at Castle Black, do not have a sex, they have no fixed gender differentiation.

Most readers believe that another Targaryen dragon was born in Oldtown, however Tywin only saw a disfigured dwarf. Tywin has essentially hated his son from the moment he entered the world, tragically killing his mother during delivery. Many readers believed he could never forgive his son for taking his one true love from the world, but maybe it more than that, perhaps Tywin realized that Tyrion was a Targaryen and not his true kin. This would also explain why he refuses to indulge Tyrion with his birthright, Casterly Rock.