"Game of Thrones"
"The North Remembers" and so does Lady Stoneheart, the revived Catelyn Stark seeks revenge in George R.R. Martin's sixth book "The Winds of Winter." The once loving mother and wife has been changed by death and now only desires one thing--vengeance. Tumblr

I know that it is early to start predicting what is going to happen in George R.R. Martin’s forthcoming book “The Winds of Winter,” but one the most amazing parts of Martin’s work is his keen foreshadowing. That informs the reader a certain interaction, event or sequence is vital to the storyline while not explicitly informing the reader that this action will come to a climax later in the novel or subsequent novels in this case. That’s why, I am confident in my assessment of these plot points occurring in book six of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, mainly because Martin told me so. So while there is sure to be a lot of action in the epic novel, we can break it down into some sort of category and what better way than by one ruling House of Westeros at a time. The Starks, who once served as the Wardens of The North have essentially in terms of power decimated, not only was their father, Ned, tragically beheaded by King Joffrey in King’s Landing on charges of being a traitor, but then their brother, Robb, was murdered in cold blood by his allies after eating bread and salt, which for many in Westeros has left the Freys cursed, rightfully so in my opinion. So while both Robb and Nedd were slain, and Catelyn Stark was also murdered, the Starks still live on and while they may not be working together, they all plot for revenge.

The first Stark that is set to have a large impact in book six “The Winds of Winter” is none other than Catelyn Stark, who returned to the world of Westeros in an otherworldly form, aptly known as Lady Stoneheart. In “A Feast for Crows” Catelyn Stark no longer exists after "The Brother Without Banners" discovers her in he river, she was dead for three days, Lord Beric Dondarrion gave her the kiss of life, and miraculously she rose as Lady Stoneheart. Stoneheart is a vengeance-obsessed zombie who is merely a shell of her former self. Death has changed Catelyn, and Lady Stoneheart does not look like the beautiful wife of Ned Stark we remember, now she consumed with a desire for vengeance on anyone she thinks betrayed her and her son, Robb. She hangs any men associated with the Freys, Boltons, or Lannisters, even if they had nothing to do with the "Red Wedding." In addition to her vengeance consumed life, her appearance has altered, her wounds have never healed and to speak she must cover the gash in her throat, her skin is white and soft due to being submerged in the water for so many days.

In “A Dance With Dragons” we watched as Brienne of Tarth attempted to fulfill her oath to Catelyn and lulls Jamie Lannister into a trap. She claims that he must help her save Sansa Stark from The Hound, and that the pair is only a days ride away. However, this is a rouse, considering Sansa was last seen by riders in the Vale and the Hound is known to be dead, Jamie goes with her regardless. This is where “The Winds of Winter” will pick up and Jamie and Brienne will finally all meet face to face with Lady Stoneheart. And Lady Stoneheart who has been waiting to seek revenge on Jamie Lannister in both life and now death will finally seize her moment. With "The Brotherhood Without Banners" will surely attempt to instantly hang Jami, accusing him as traitor and an attempted murdered in the case of Bran, which means he will have one option, a trial by combat. The trial by combat between Lady Stoneheart’s champion and Jamie is certainly highly anticipated by fans, but the champion she chooses will end up being one of the bigger plot twists. Stoneheart will most likely choose Brienne as her champion in the trial by combat, meaning that the valiant female knight must ultimately decide whose oath she holds more dear, Catelyn Stark’s or Jamie Lannister’s. Meaning that after all this time, Brienne’s life and legacy will be defined by this moment.

Despite Brienne’s deep connection with Jamie and his changed ways, he still did wreak havoc on the lives of the Starks. Will Brienne finally evoke the justice that the Starks so rightly deserve or will she stay loyal to Jamie and turn on Lady Stoneheart? Only time and George R.R. Martin will tell.

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