The upcoming U.S. presidential elections of 2020 have been courting more than its fair share of attention, maybe because Trump will be running for the position once again amidst the countless controversies he is facing.

But it wasn’t enough that the 2020 elections are already shrouded in enough drama, tabloids have been cooking up false news and unsubstantiated stories as well, of which the latest is Barack Obama convincing George Clooney to run for president.

The news cropped up after the Obama family visited George and Amal Clooney at their Lake Como villa in Italy last summer, which was enough for the tabloid Woman’s Day to fashion a baseless story of the former president pushing George Clooney to make a bid for the 2020 presidential election. 

“George has been privately despairing about the state of America and the world for a long time,” a supposed “insider” shared with the outlet. The source further added that becoming a husband and father has “finally prompted him to do something about it.” The outlet further added that the actor was earlier planning to run as a Presidential candidate in 2024 but instead opted for 2020 when Obama convinced him to do it earlier. 

But as per the theories presented by Gossip Cop in its report, there is absolutely zero possibility of George Clooney even considering becoming a President. 

The lone fact that Clooney has, in the past, stressed multiple times that he has no interest or desire to run for the President’s office. In fact, as per his statement in 2017, he dislikes the idea of having “someone famous in office” and opposition to “someone who knows how to make policy.” 

He has also shared previously that he has been asked about running for office “for almost 20 years now and the answer is just no,” because as he puts it, “who would ever want to live like that?”

And more than any statement, what debunks the theory more than the fact that the 2020 general election is merely months away and George Clooney hasn’t entered his candidature for the same. He hasn’t even endorsed any Democratic primary candidates yet! 

George Clooney George Clooney at the premiere of "The Men Who Stare at Goats," directed by Grant Heslov, during the Toronto International Film Festival, 2009. Josh Jensen/Flickr