Egg Oatmeal Cookies
Have you been thinking about how to achieve your new year goals to eat more plant-based? How about delicious plant-based breakfast ideas for Christmas? Find here four mouthwatering recipes to enjoy while opening presents. Courtesy of JUST Egg

You’re never too old for a buttery, melt-in-mouth cookie. Incidentally, ‘Tis the perfect season to sink your teeth into these fresh bakes, and think outside the (cookie) box. The iconic Girl Scout of Central Indiana is back—beginning Wednesday—to prove their mettle in the 103rd session. This time around, the Girl Scouts are launching a lip-smacking lemon-flavored cookie. Named "lemon-ups", these crisp cookies comprise a layer of sweet glaze on one side so that the tartiness is balanced. The packaging of these cookies are equally attractive.

Girl Scouts across the nation have a history of whipping up moist and buttery bite-sized cookies in a bid to raise funds for causes that benefit their local communities. Selling cookies are thus synonymous with growth and empowerment for the Girl Scouts. So every time you buy a pack of cookies, you're enabling an underprivileged young girl to experience activities that she otherwise wouldn't have access to.

This time around, the onus is on amassing adequate funds to execute career charting advancements in math and science, while involving themselves in productive community service initiatives whilst promoting education of essential life skills. At present, 420 Bartholomew County gir

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