Ana De La Reguera Asked To Apologize By GLAAD
Here we can see Ana de la Reguera posing for a photo with her make-up team. Instagram/adelareguera

Ana de la Reguera is one of Mexico's biggest stars known internationally for her work in movies and telenovelas. The 37-year-old actress dipped into hot water after sharing a photo of her make-up artist on Instagram and captioned it with a homophobic remark. The phrase loosely translates to, "even while asleep you can tell he's a ... jajaja." The "Capadocia" actress left the p-word ambiguous and can be made out to be something as simple as "princesa" to expletives like "pen**jo" to the derogatory term of "pu*o." The photo has Jonathan Lule curled up in a row of seats, with his hands together under his head and just above him the make-up kit he used for De La Reguera. (See Photo Here!) The word has left the gay community questioning why she would refer to a fellow friend using such a negative term.

Following the publication of the story LatinTimes reached out to GLAAD for comment and Janet Quezada, Spanish Language Media Strategist, released the following statement: "It's really sad to think that anyone would find it funny to use a derogatory term like this so casually. It shows a complete lack of understanding of just how often LGBT people have anti-gay words and insults hurled at them -- sometimes their entire lives, from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. If that's what she meant, Ana de la Reguera needs to not only apologize but do something significant to help people understand how hurtful words can be."

The "Las Aparicio" star was smart enough to leave off the rest of the word and leave it to her followers imagination, but if she meant no harm by it, why wouldn't she spell it all out? We can only assume it's not complete because she really meant that word that any gay man is offended by and is casually used in her home country to cause shame of their lifestyle. Ana de la Reguera is an international star with fans not only in her home country but around the world where her telenovelas, series and movies have been exhibited. Language like that can be misinterpreted if you are not acquainted with the language, which in either case should be taboo for the negativity it generates.

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