Gloria Trevi sues Sergio Andrade
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MIAMI- In a dramatic escalation of longstanding controversies, renowned Mexican singer Gloria Trevi has filed a lawsuit against her former manager, Sergio Andrade. This legal move marks a significant chapter in Trevi's tumultuous career, deeply intertwined with Andrade's influence.

Trevi, a figure synonymous with bold musical expressions and a trailblazer in the Latin pop scene, alleges severe misconduct and manipulation at the hands of Andrade, who was once a central figure in her career. This lawsuit follows years of public scrutiny and legal challenges that have enveloped both personalities. It is also a logical legal step as the artist prepares for a court case brought against her by three women who claim she was an accomplice of Andrade and helped him lure young girls to his sex ring.

A seedy story

The background of their relationship is complex and fraught with controversy. Andrade, a music producer, played a pivotal role in launching Gloria Trevi's career in the late 1980s. Their partnership, however, eventually spiraled into a web of legal and personal disputes. Allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation shocked fans and the music industry alike.

Trevi's career, characterized by hit songs and a rebellious image, was abruptly disrupted in the late 1990s when she and Andrade were embroiled in a scandal involving allegations of abuse and corruption of minors. The ensuing legal battles led to their arrest and subsequent incarceration. Trevi was eventually released without ever being tried.

The artist told the story in her bioseries "Ellas soy yo", which can be seen on VIX, TelevisaUnivision streaming service.

This led to a remarkable comeback in her music career. Andrade, however, faced a different fate with a conviction that led to a lengthy prison sentence.

Gloria Trevi goes in deep

In her very graphic lawsuit, the artist claims that she was the victim of "horrific abuse" from Andrade. Trevi reveals that she considered suicide a consequence of "grotesque" torture. She goes on to describe how he "beat her with closed fists and whipped her with belts or cables."

Rape, starvation, beatings, coldness, and isolation from loved ones are some of the abuses described in the lawsuit. It goes on to say that Andrade "impregnated dozens of young women and girls" and then forced them to abort.

Trevi herself allegedly had two children with Andrade. The eldest, Ángel Gabriel, is now 21 years old. The second one, Ana Dalai, died as a baby.

Why is the lawsuit against Sergio Andrade

Trevi's legal team asserts that this action is essential for addressing past wrongs and bringing closure to a chapter that has continuously haunted her both personally and professionally.

With this legal move, Trevi maintains her stance as a survivor rather than a perpetrator of abuse. It may help with the case brought against her for sexual abuse and grooming by two individuals, referred to as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2.

"Ms. Trevi is a survivor of abuse, not a perpetrator, and denies that she owes any liability to either of them," the filing states.

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