Goals For 2018: 7 Easy Steps To Make Your New Year’s Resolution A Fulfilled Dream

The New Year is right around the corner and so is the time for making New Year’s resolutions. Here are 7 tips to make the most out of them in 2018 by bestselling author and renowned consciousness researcher Ilona Selke. Getty Images

When it comes to living a fulfilling life, what you focus on each day is what you get. But too many people drop their focus, and the vicious cycle of goal setting, enthusiasm, then failure to keep up the momentum and the subsequent self doubt or resignation are far too common. Learning how to redirect your thoughts and feelings in the direction of your dreams is the key to succeeding at your personal goals.

“Have you ever seen anyone able to drive their car by looking in the rear-view mirror?” asks bestselling author Ilona Selke. “Looking at what you are getting away from does not help you arrive at the desired destination very easily! We need to look forward to where we are going. Furthermore, we need to know where we are going in the bigger picture and discovering what our true values are. Having a road map, a larger vision, is the best way to arrive at the life of your dreams.”

Bestselling author and renowned consciousness researcher Ilona Selke shares her techniques with Latin Times from her new book, “Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening,” to transform negative thoughts or feelings that are getting in the way of your forward momentum.

  • 7 Easy Steps To Move From Broken Promises To Fulfilled Dreams In 2018

1. Sit or stand and close your eyes. Think of your current reality and notice what feelings come up about your current state and situation. Get in touch with any feelings of pain, anger and dissatisfaction. This need not be a lengthy first step; just spend enough time here to become deeply aware of your feelings.

2. Now, find the place in your body where you are most strongly carrying the sensations of these negative feelings. The body does not lie. You can fool your mind, but you can’t fool your body. Once you’ve located the feeling in your body, you have found the secret door to a new universe, a new way of being.

3. Notice the color, shape and form of the energy that you feel in this place in your body. Then, allow yourself to take this color, shape and form outside of your body so you can step back and look at it.

4. Seeing this energy as something now outside of yourself, ask it what it really wants. Be open to allowing yourself to sense or visualize whatever answer comes to you. Embedded in all negativity we will find a positive intention for our well-being.

5. Now allow yourself to become aware of what you really want for yourself and your life. Take an imaginary journey into your own fulfillment. This is the first step to informing the energy within us and the world around us of our desired state.

6. See what color, shape and form this new energy would have. Imagine what that would feel like if that fulfilled feeling filled every cell of your being.

7. Thank the old energy for wanting something so beautiful for you. In honoring the old energy, you allow it to transform into the new fulfilled state that was its true intention all along.

“With practice,” says Ilona, “you can use any of your negative feelings as a doorway to your deeper self, and to the road of fulfillment. The possibility of your fulfilled future exists right here and right now.”

Ilona Selke is an international bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer and musician as well as CEO and cofounder of Living from Vision. Over 30+ years, Ilona has inspired thousands of people worldwide to discover the power of their consciousness and create a successful life. She has written four books, produced 25 music and meditation CDs and coauthored two books, one with Brian Tracy and one with Jack Canfield.

Her new book “Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening” offers real-life stories of transformation as well as practical tips anyone can use to shapeshift their lives from the inside out. Ilona has a weekly TV program called “Quantum Living,” has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and has been interviewed and quoted in a variety of books and films.

With her husband, Don Paris, Ph.D., Ilona has supported new research into quantum physics through a tool called the SE-5 1000. The couple also built the Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center in 2007. Ilona has spent more than 1,000 hours in the water with dolphins and written two books about the wisdom she has gained from her time with them. 

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