Mhoni Vidente
The Cuban-Mexican Mhoni Vidente talks to Latin Times about what the 2017 has for Jennifer Lopez, Chiquis Rivera, Camila Cabello and more. Jorge Armenta

We can’t have enough of Mhoni Vidente and her predictions! One more time, the Cuban-Mexican clairvoyant left us surprised with that she said about our favorite celebs.

She ensures Jennifer Lopez and Drake's romance is part of a hoax to promote albums and shows. Drake and Rihanna are going to end up together. “Jlo loves blonde guys, that’s why she still loves Ben Affleck and is going to get back with Casper Smart,” Mhoni told Latin Times.

Diego Luna is going to be a dad again, and it’s going to be a boy,” continued Mhoni Vidente. She also told us that in 2017, another Latino is going to win an Oscar or Golden Globe, and possibly will be between Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna.

Marc Anthony, Chiquis Rivera, Camila Cabello
Mhoni Vidente talks to Latin Times about what the 2017 has for Marc Anthony, Chiquis Rivera and Camila Cabello. Christopher Pol/Araya Diaz/Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Another big revelation by the Latina psychic to Latin Times, is the secret baby loss of Chiquis Rivera. Mhoni declares the singer and daughter of late Jenny Rivera is not getting pregnant soon and is going to fight again with her relatives.

Marc Anthony is going to keep shining and getting bored of love in 2017 at the same time, confesses Mhoni. “But he is going to get married again and is going to be another model or Miss Universe,” she insists.

We also asked Mhoni Vidente about ex Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello. “Camila’s path is bright! She’s going to be the next Selena Gomez,” she revealed – and we couldn’t agree more! Unfortunately, Fifth Harmony's future doesn’t look so bright in Mhoni’s eyes; the telepath predicts another member is going to exit the group.

Even though in Latin Times we can’t predict the future, we're very clear that usually when members of famous bands exit- like the recent case of One Direction- it's common that in less than one or two years the group completely dissolves. It’s a pattern! -And we are going to keep an eye on it.

Concluding with Mhoni's predictions, she announced that 2017 is going to be year of pregnancies. Who do you think is going to be the first Latin celebrity who will announce the good news next year?

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