When “The Witcher” became a smash hit on Netflix back in December, everybody was left wild-guessing which fantasy novel series or video game series the giant streaming site would adapt next. The question continues to create buzz around video game circles to this day, with many speculating that “God of War” could be Netflix’s next flagship series.

While “The Witcher” was an adaptation of the original books, it was clearly influenced by the games as well. When rumors about the next possible “Witcher”-style Netflix series started to swirl around in January, one particular tweet got everyone excited.

“God. Of. War,” wrote “God of War” director Cory Barlog.

The immense popularity of “The Witcher” gives Netflix the leverage it needs to expand its list of adaptations and start the ball rolling on the highly touted “God of War” series. Considering the huge fan base of the popular video game franchise and the wealth of source materials available to back its episodic narrative, “God of War” certainly has what it takes to be the next “The Witcher.”

“The Witcher” episodes are formatted in a way where the lead character, Geralt, tackles a new mission and fights a different monster before moving on to the next town. If Netflix considers making a “God of War” series, the streaming site can also incorporate the same episodic adventure format, where Kratos’ missions are split into different episodes. This self-contained format will not only give the audience an unhurried introduction to the main character, it will also allow them to discover more of his world and his nemeses.

If Netflix is willing to fork out as much budget to the “God of War” series as it did to “The Witcher,” then the platform can also create a fantasy setting for “God of War” just as spectacular as “The Witcher’s.” Just as how Netflix transformed “The Witcher” into something that felt real to the audience, it can also transform “God of War” into an amazing live-action that can catch the fancy of viewers.

Launched in 2005, “God of War” is one of the main titles promoted for PlayStation gaming consoles. Based on Greek mythology, it follows Spartan warrior Kratos as he goes up against the pantheon of Olympian gods and avenges the death of his own family.

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