Johnny Depp is in the middle of a defamation case involving his ex-partner Amber Heard and the 58-year-old has made startling allegations.

According to the Golden Globe Award winner, the “Aquaman” actress would at times threaten to kill herself when Depp tried to bail from their fights.

Depp revealed this on day 2 of the defamation suit against Heard. The claims reportedly happened when both lived together.

Further, the actor-producer and musician also added that it was Heard who started the fights. Heard would drag him into it after which Depp would try to get out of the situation that left Heard frustrated, TMZ reported.

To illustrate, Depp singled out one instance where Heard allegedly desperately stopped him from leaving. The 35-year-old actress would even get security involved to make sure that Depp would not get far.

Depp added that among the suicidal remarks of Heard included telling him that she could not live without him. Further, Heard would allegedly sometimes land on his front door in the middle of the night after he bailed out. The human rights activist would allegedly shout at him from the outside.

Finally, Depp also clarified that he never laid a hand on “Pineapple Express” actress despite Heard’s claims. The actor also stressed that he was in court to make sure that truth will come out no matter what.

In an update, Depp also added how Heard would drink a lot and do drugs around him. Some of these allegedly happened when the 58-year-old actor was trying to get sober.

Heard would finish two bottles of wine a night and take MDMA – mushrooms and “high velocity” speed throughout their relationship. The 35-year-old also allegedly refused to go clean with him.

Depp added that fights between them stemmed from little things that would often get worse and beyond his control.

 Johnny Depp steps outside court during the 8th day of his civil trial at Fairfax County Circuit Court
Johnny Depp steps outside court during the 8th day of his civil trial at Fairfax County Circuit Court Getty Images | Paul Morigi

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