“One Punch Man” fans are eagerly awaiting season 3 of the anime with initial plans of its premiere happening in September. However, it appears that this planned release date will be moved after creator Yusuke Murata revealed on social media that it may be delayed due to technical difficulties.

Hence, people who want to see the comedy-action anime back may have to wait a bit. “One Punch Man” season 3 will allegedly revolve around the life of Saitama.

“One Punch Man” season 2 saw Saitama successfully kill Elder Centipede, a Dragon-level member of the Monster Association. It was seen as the logical conclusion to the arc.

Hence, season 3 should leave most speculating on what new twists Murata has in mind.

In its first two seasons, “One Punch Man” already finished 23 volumes of the manga. Hence, there are only a handful of chapters left to cover. However, there are alternatives.

This includes the possibility of seeing Heroes Association members rallying against their monster counterparts and storming the villains’ headquarters.

Hence, anime fans may be treated to seeing S-Class heroes such as Zombie Man, Atomic Samurai, and Flashy Flash engage in a series of one-on-one battles with some strange and fantastic monsters from the Monsters Association.

With no official release date yet out in the open, the best to expect is to see “One Punch Man” season 3 either later this year or in early 2023.

For those who may not be familiar with the story of “One Punch Man,” Saitama is a superhero from the city of City Z. He can finish off opponents with a single punch.

But with the one-punch game becoming too much for Saitama, he is out to seek something more challenging. However, in doing so, boredom sets in, leaving Saitama struggling with emotional issues that have made him feel trapped.

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