Best Film Editing, Best Original Screenplay, Best Adapted Screenplay And Best Director Winner: Alfonso Cuarón
Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in 2002 for "Y Tu Mama Tambien." He was also nominated for "Children of Men" with Alex Rodriguez in 2006 for Best Film Editing. The same year, Cuarón was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for "Children of Men." Alfonso Cuarón won as Best Director category and Best Film Editing for "Gravity." Getty Images

It was the first Latino win of the night! Just as we were starting to lose hope with our fellow Hispanics that were nominated to the Golden Globes but didn’t win, Alfonso Cuarón steps up and gives us the first award of the night! And it came as no surprise since his hit “Gravity” has been winning all the awards this season, including the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, New York Film Critics Online, Boston Critics, Washington DC Critics, The National Board of Review, Hollywood Film Awards, and now, a Golden Globe to Alfonso Cuarón for Best Director.

The visibly excited Cuarón humbly accepted his award and thanked the “hundreds of people” who worked with him. He also joked that because of his thick accent, all the actors did whatever they thought the Mexican director said to them, instead of what he really wanted, but nevertheless the film turned out great. He thanked Sandra Bullock, and joked again about one of his many misunderstandings thanks to his accent. Cuarón said that while shooting, Bullock thought he said “I’m going to give you herpes” when he really said “I’m going to give you an ear piece.” Last but not least, Cuarón thanked his mother in Spanish.

Sofía Vergara, who’s known to enjoy all the Awards and events to the fullest, couldn’t hold her excitement that a Latino won the coveted Golden Globe and she was heard screaming “Bravo” countless times to show her support to Alfonso (See vine below!). We’re pretty sure Eugenio Derbez was celebrating as well since he said he would be supporting his fellow Mexican. We can only hope this means Alfonso Cuarón and “Gravity” get similar or better treatment at the Oscars. Congratulations!

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