Golden Globes Nominations
Latinos Alfonso Cuarón, Sofía Vergara And Oscar Isaac compete in the race. Getty Images / Armando Tinoco

The Golden Globes Nominations 2014 full list is something that cinephiles worldwide await with bated breath, as it's the clearest indication of how the Academy Awards and Emmys-the biggest night of the year for anyone who has a passion for film and television-will go. This 2014 morning, we are thrilled to report that Latinos have an incredibly strong presence in the Golden Globes Nominations, dominating key categories including Best Director, Best Picture - Drama, Best Actor- Drama, Best Supporting Actress In a Television Comedy, Drama, Or Miniseries, And Best Supporting Actor In A Film. Though we have our fingers crossed for the success of Alfonso Cuaron, Sofia Vergara, Oscar Isaac, and Daniel Brühl, we'll be going through their actual awards chances here.

As the Golden Globes Nominations 2014 full list will clue you in on, it's been a very crowded year for excellent pictures. Gravity stands out for its technical achievement, with Alfonso Cuaron, a heavyweight director with serious cinephile cred, behind it. Though Cuaron has directed some of the most capable, quiet films of all time (anyone who dislikes Y Tu Mamá También or The Little Princess doesn't know what he's talking about), it's very possible that Gravity's status as a blockbuster action flick will count against him in awards season, where voters steer clear of giving anything resembling a popcorn blockbuster any award it may deserve. Though Steve McQueen is the early favorite for Best Director, it is possible that voters will give best picture to Twelve Years A Slave and Best Director to Alfonso Cuaron.

It's great to see Daniel Brühl's standout performance in Rush honored with a nomination, and perhaps this will be this year's film that, like last year's Argo, surprises everyone with a clean sweep on awards night. But most likely, this category will go to Michael Fassbender for 12 Years A Slave, as a way of thanking him for his hard work in every single he's been in for the last five years. But buck up, Brühl fans-there's no way we've seen the last of him. A safer bet for a Latino is Oscar Isaac's impossibly brilliant performance in Inside Llewyn Davis, a film that will cut you to the core. As something of a Johnny Cash for people who were born cynical, Isaac's performance brimmed with the kind of wry, dry nuance Bill Murray has shot for, but hasn't achieved, in years. The only spoiler here is Joaquin Phoenix for Her or Bruce Dern for Nebraska but, come on, that's not going to happen probably. These awards love finding new talent.

As the Golden Globes Nominations 2014 full list proves every year, television is unpredictable. The Best Actress in a Drama category is thrillingly progressive, but the Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role category is as mixed a bag as any. But Sofia Vergara is here, Julie Bowen is not, and that means that primetime's favorite Latina's chances of winning the award this year are as high as anything.

That's everything you need to know about Latinos at the 2014 Golden Globes this year! For a full list of nominees, click here.

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