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Top-polling presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) speaks at the CNBC Republican debate in Boulder as rival Dr. Ben Carson (R), who is polling in second place. Both can be watched Tuesday night online for free without a cable subscription. The debate will be hosted by the Fox Business Network and the wall Street Journal. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Tuesday’s Republican debates in Milwaukee air on Fox Business’ cable channel and . Some primary debates have been aired on free live streams, while others have only been accessible to watch in homes, bars, and illegal online channels that pipe the programs in. Cable companies have made it harder for “cord cutters” to watch the debates, with some reports arguing that paid debates are dividing the election between haves and have-nots. Tonight’s free debate, however, will be available online for all types of screens. Like previous debates showcasing the broad Republican field, candidates will be split into two separate tiered segments.

Top-polling candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush,Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich and Rand Paul will take the main stage at 9pm ET, Time reports. Lower-tier candidates include perpetually low-polling Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum plus two tanking additions: Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee.

WATCH: GOP Debate Live Stream. Anchors are already offering pre-debate coverage.

While former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee will probably ride out the election for as long as he can, current New Jersey Gov. Christie is under pressure to start winning or call it quits. A recent poll of his constituents found that over 60 percent thought he should resign his post or quit his presidential campaign. If he doesn’t get a bump from this debate, it might be time to bow out.

Other candidates to watch are Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, who have been defending attacks on their campaign narratives, as well as -- per usual -- the prime-time reality-primed politics of Trump.

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