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The 26-year-old graduate who died two weeks after receiving the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine was provided with out-of-date medical information by his GP on the risks of getting blood clots. Jack Hurn, who died in June last year, reportedly did not receive proper written guidance on the said risks.

According to the BBC, the inquest revealed evidence that Hurn and his girlfriend Alex Jones, were not offered alternative Covid vaccines on the day they went to get their jabs at the Dudley vaccination center about the cases linked to blood clots for individuals under 30 years old. During the week-long inquest at the Birmingham Coroner’s Court, it was heard that a GP had informed Hurn that one in 250,000 are at risk of brain blood clots when the latest NHS reports provided at the time say this to be one in 50,000.

Dr. Amara Afzal told the coroner that she had offered Hurn a chance to rebook his vaccine appointment as they had run out of Pfizer vaccines. However, the automotive design graduate decided to go ahead with a first dose of AstraZeneca on May 29 last year. He began experiencing headaches soon after and had even undergone emergency surgery at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital but he did not survive and died on June 11. Hurn’s girlfriend said they had raised concerns about AstraZeneca however their doctor merely mentioned the jab’s side effects.

"At no point did she tell us the blood clots could be life-threatening," Jones said.

The victim’s family stated there had been some initial confusion on whether Hurn had suffered a stroke while at the hospital in Redditch. It was only when he was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital that a consultant had informed them of the “catastrophic” bleeds on Hurn’s brain. The coroner, Emma Brown, told the court that she accepts the evidence that Hurn was not given proper written guidance on the risks that comes with the AstraZeneca jab, citing that Hurn was not able to make an informed choice when he showed up for his shot at the Revival Fires clinic.

In her recorded verdict on Hurn’s cause of death, Brown stated that the victim died due to a “rare but recognized complication” of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. As Hurn's family continues their legal fight, they had given instructions for clinical negligence specialists with their law firm to look into concerns about the outdated advice at the vaccine clinic as well as the standard of care they received at the hospital.

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