"Gran Hotel" is a Spanish series set in an early 20th century aristrocratic hotel and centers around the mysteries that involve the owner family and hotel servants. Now Televisa is prepping an adaptation in telenovela form that will start production soon. This week, producer Roberto Gómez Fernández held auditions to start selecting his cast. Ana Brenda Contreras who is currently starring in "Lo Imperdonable" said to be very excited to take part in the casting process as she was a fan of the original series. While she lived in Spain she was able to watch it and fell in love with it. Other actresses that made their appearance were Cecilia Suarez ("Todo Por Amor"), Sara Maldonado ("Camelia, La Texana"), Ximena Herrera ("El Señor De Los Cielos"), Zuria Vega ("Que Te Perdone Dios"), Danna Garcia ("Pasión De Gavilanes") and Ximena Navarrete ("La Tempestad").

All the ladies that auditioned for a part in the series are great contenders and the producer will have a hard time deciding who to pick. The men that took part in the casting were Mark Tacher ("Que Te Perdone Dios"), Jorge Poza ("La Gata") and Marcelo Córdoba ("Sortilegio"). It is also rumored that Gómez Fernández might have had talks with actor José María Yazpick in a meeting they had this week. Erick Elías and Daniela Romo have been mentioned to star in the telenovela. Just like "Que Te Perdone Dios" aired first stateside on Univision, "Gran Hotel" is expected to begin broadcasting in January 2016 on the Hispanic network. If you want to watch the original series, it is already streaming on Netflix. What do you think of the cast beling lined up for the Mexican remake?