Gran Turismo 6 has truly outdone itself. Not only has the highly anticipated driving game boasted more than 1,200 cars and 37 track locations, featured the Vision Gran Turismo concept program, and collaborated with the Ayrton Senna Institute to create a special game mode inspired by Senna's career, Polyphony has recently revealed more details regarding its GPS visualizer as well. In fact, this may be the biggest news yet!

The Gran Turismo 6 GPS visualizer brings real-life routes to life. According to Polyphony, the next-generation course maker app now features a mobile app similar to Run Keeper, which can track routes and even elevations of whatever road you travel. The route is then saved and uploaded to GT6 servers to create a digital version to race online.

However, the Gran Turismo 6 course maker GPS visualizer has its limits. Track area cannot be any larger than 20 x 20 kilometers. What's more, while Gran Turismo can accurately map your route, it will not have the ability to recreate roadside scenery. Instead, the tracks will be built upon Gran Turismo's general environmental themes. As for the greatest limit of all, the GPS Visualizer will not be featured in the U.S. versions of Gran Turismo 6. Hopefully, Polyphony changes its mind.

For racing fans that always dreamed of racing their own streets, the Gran Turismo 6 GPS visualizer will make things possible. A couple of months ago, a man known as "Afroduck" raced a BMW Z4 roadster to declare the fastest lap ever recorded around Manhattan island. We imagine the record will fall dramatically, and frequently, if someone brings the Gran Turismo 6 course maker to good use.