Gregorio Pérez
Gregorio Pérez sets a new Guinness record by cutting ham for 40 hours. How did he last for so long? We have the details here! EFE

On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Gregorio Pérez, a Spanish man, broke the Guinness record for the most time spent slicing “Jamón Serrano” in Valladolid, an occasion for which he prepared with a lot of anticipation. Starting on Friday night, and continuing until Sunday, Pérez wielded a knife without stopping and carved 36 hams in 40 hours. With this achievement, he managed to break the previous ham-slicing record of 33 hours and 3 minutes, held by another Spaniard.

Pérez prepared for this event for more than a year, and lost 46 pounds while doing so. Last year, he established a daily exercise routine for himself with the aim of remaining on his feet for many consecutive hours. He enlisted the help of a physical therapist, a psychologist, a nutritionist and a masseuse, all of whom attended to him over the past three days. Pérez didn’t sleep since Friday and only rested for five minutes per hour, which is within the established rules for this kind of activity.

Part of the sliced hams will be donated to a local non-governmental organization, while the rest was given out to anyone who happened to be at Valladolid’s "Plaza Mayor."


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