Since Sandra Oh announced she would be departing ways with "Grey's Anatomy" at the end of this season everyone has been wondering how exactly her character, Cristina Yang, will exit the show. Now we may have gotten our first real detail surrounding her exit.

A recenty leaked picture on Instagram from Kunal Kumar (whose account has been removed) showed a script featuring Cristina and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) conversation in the season 10 finale, episode 24. According to Wetpaint Kumar also posted a picture of himself with Oh so the legitimacy of the script seems to be real. 

Grey's Anatomy Script "Grey's Anatomy" leaked script. Screenshot/Instagram/Kunal Kumar

So lets get to the neat stuff, in the script, Cristina says, "My phone is dead. Oh, and I need a European charger. And I need more luggage." This clearly means she is going to Europe! 

It is also said Owen tries to slow her down, but she is having none of that. "Now I have to go to the stupid mall," Cristina tells him. "I'll see you later."

The script also says Cristina kisses him on the way out  so this leads to a couple of other options. Perhaps Owen is moving to Europe with Cristina or they are both just taking a much needed vacation? Or this is all a dream and she's actually been in a coma this entire season. Maybe not the latter, but the point is there are many different alternate theories here. 

Wetpaint also reports that Cristina is the one who gets the voiceover honors for the season 10 finale and mentioned there was a part of the script partly covered by Kumar's Disney ID that showed a bit of her monologue saying: "The point is, we never … kind of a day is … " At this point it's pretty vague but we've got some idea how Cristina will exit "Grey's Anatomy." 

Meanwhile It is also being reported that some form of a terror attack will hit the hospital in the season finale which could prompt Cristina to make her way to Europe. Oh has recently been sharing tons of material related to her end with "Grey's" via Twitter. She has shared tweets about her last read, pictures from the set and more. Check them out here