hot flash havoc
The revolutionary documentary about menopause "Hot Flash Havoc" is looking to extend its reach with a Spanish version. Hot Flash Havoc

Some might think menopause is only the part of women’s when they stop being able to reproduce, but in fact there’s a lot more to this change that we should all know; this is why the creators of “Hot Flash Havoc” thought it was of high importance to educate, inform and most of all, let other women know they’re not alone, through a funny yet serious documentary about menopausal and postmenopausal women. Since the movie only exists in English, it’s being versioned into Spanish so the 50 million women in the US can benefit from the information too.

While the documentary has a light, playful tone, viewers have described it as “life-changing” since it’s helped many women understand the impact menopause and estrogen have on crucial topics like breast cancer, depression, mood swings, anxiety levels, reproduction, exercising, weight, etc.

The award-winning movie has been played all over the US, Canada and Europe, in over 150 major cities, but now, the filmmakers are looking to extend its reach to Spanish speakers in order to continue saving marriages, lives and women’s sanity all over the place.

“Empowered with this information a woman can educate their families, friends and partners about what is happening to them as “The Change” occurs. She will also be armed with informative questions to ask her doctor about what she can do to age vertical, alert and sexual,” said the film creators who are raising funds to version the movie. The biggest challenge is not in accomplishing this dub technically or the edit down to an hour - we know how to do what needs to be done - it's purely a function of funding at this point. Once we secure the funds, this film WILL be edited, dubbed and released in Spanish as well,” they continued.

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