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With an unparalleled heritage of diverse sounds, rhythms and voices, the Latin music scene is gearing up for an explosive 2024 with a varied lineup of artists set to either break through or continue at the top of their genres. From established names to rising stars, the coming year promises to be a celebration of Latin music in all its vibrant forms from Mexican regional to reggaeton.

Latin music genres heard globally

Mexican regional music topped the charts in 2023 with performers such as Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, and Becky G. They shared the global stage with Latin artist powerhouses such as Bad Bunny, Karol G, Shakira and Kali Uchis.

These household names were ever-present in the best-of-2023 lists, from Spotify to AP to The New York Times. Thanks to their rich heritage, creative talent and ability to seamlessly blend traditions with modern influences, Latin artists found their way to the top of these prestigious platforms.

Latin artists are expected to continue dominating the music scene in 2024.

These are some of the musicians that Latino audiences everywhere will be listening to in 2024:

Grupo Frontera

Leading the charge is Grupo Frontera, a Norteño band whose innovative fusion of Mexican sounds, traditional Latin rhythms with contemporary beats has earned them a spot on the list of artists to watch in 2024. With a unique sound that seamlessly blends genres, Grupo Frontera is also one of the most sought-after bands for collaborations: from Bad Bunny to Peso Pluma to Carin Leon, everyone seems to want a piece of the muchachos from Edinburg, Texas.

Chino Pacas

At 17, Cristian Humberto Ávila Vega, a.k.a Chino Pacas has become a huge number in Regional Mexican Music. From the central state of Guanajuato, the artist is the youngest to be signed by Street Mob Records (of Fuerza Regida fame). In the exploding genre of corridos tumbados, Chino has teamed up for collaborations with Fuerza Regida or Jonathan Caro. He recently became a Billboard Hot 100 charting artist after his song "El Gordo trae el mando" debuted. The track has been streamed over 150 million times. He was also nominated for New Artist of the Year by Latin Billboard.


One of the most established names in recent Latin music is Argentine star Bizarrap. Gonzalo Julián Conde, a DJ and record producer known for his "BZRP Music Sessions," is a must among artists blending EDM, Latin trap and rap. From Shakira and Peso Pluma to the rising star Milo J, Bizarrap collaborates with a diverse range of talent, reshaping the urban Latin music landscape. This year alone, his "BZRP Music Sessions" landed three top 10s on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs, solidifying his place as a major force in the industry.

Young Miko

While there's a well established reggaeton royalty (with Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Karol G, Maluma leading the charts), Young Miko is part of a new generation for this steamy genre. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Young Miko mixes Latin trap and traditional Caribbean sounds in her music. She has collaborated with Latin music's top numbers such as Karol G, Feid and Wisin, among many others. With this 25-year-old singer-songwriter, expect collaborations, chart-topping hits, and stadium-shaking performances that will keep the party going all year long.

Yng Lvcas

With almost 17 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Yng Lvcas, doesn't seem to have a problem shifting from reggaeton to corridos to pop. At 24, the artist from Guadalajara, México has teamed up with the ubiquotuos Peso Pluma and David Guetta, the legendary French producer. His hit "La Bebé" was in Billboard Hot 100 in April and has become viral in social media.

Beyond the Big Names

The beauty of Latin music lies in its rich tapestry of regional sounds and up-and-coming artists. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled for these rising stars and genre-bending beats. 2024 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for Latin music, you won't want to miss a single chord!

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