Why play "GTA 5" if you have to play by the rules? For the PC gamers out there that have just picked up the latest copy of "GTA 5" PC, your criminal escapade is about to get a lot more exciting because we've compiled about we've got over 20 "GTA 5" PC cheat codes and even more are on the way.

"GTA 5" cheats represent the roots of the franchise and is a staple for games created by Rockstar. For "GTA 5" consoles, gamers must pull out the playable character's mobile phone feature and enter the code into the phone. For PC gamers, simply press the tilde key (~) to bring up a text bar for the cheat.

However, these "GTA 5" cheat codes cannot be used during missions. What's more, the cheats cannot be saved either, so you must refer back to the cheat list and enter it manually every time. Finally, cheats will also disable achievements.

Without further ado, here is a compilation of "GTA 5" PC cheats that we know so far:

GTA 5 Player Effect Cheats

Drunk Mode – LIQUOR
Explosive Ammo/Bang Bang – TBA
Explosive Melee Attacks – HOTHANDS
Fast Run – CATCH ME
Fast Swim – TBA
Flaming Bullets – INCENDIARY
Invincibility – PAIN-KILLER
Lower Wanted Level – TBA
Max Health & Armor – TURTLE
Raise Wanted Level – FUGITIVE
Recharge Ability – POWER-UP
Skyfall – SKYFALL
Slow Motion Aim – DEADEYE
Super Jump – TBA

GTA 5 Item Cheats

Parachute – SKYDIVE
Weapons – TBA

GTA 5 World Effects Cheats

Change Weather – MAKEITRAIN
Moon Gravity – FLOATER
Slippery Cars – SNOWDAY
Slow Motion – SLOWMO

GTA 5 Vehicle Cheats

Spawn Buzzard – BUZZOFF
Spawn Caddy – TBA
Spawn Comet – COMET
Spawn Duster – TBA
Spawn Limo – VINEWOOD
Spawn PCJ-600 – ROCKET
Spawn Rapid GT – RAPIDGT
Spawn Sanchez – OFFROAD
Spawn Stunt Plane – BARNSTORM
Spawn Trashmaster – TRASHED