Hakhu Project
Hakhu Amazon Design products are artisan handmade from Ecuador. Photo: Courtesy

The Amazon rainforest devastation leads to a loss of culture, language and land sovereignty. Fossil fuel extraction and deforestation destroyed the environment of the people who live there. With the intention of create alternative sources of income, the Hakhu Project provides an outlet to establish and support the livelihoods of the indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon, while at the same time they contribute to the cultural restoration of traditional art.

This organization is dedicated to promote sustainable development projects, that includes indigenous handicrafts. Founder and CEO of Hakhu Project, Leo Cerda, said he created the project as a form to fight against the deforestation of the Amazon community and help the women to generate income for their families. “We protect the language, we value the water, we value the territory and we value our life within our territory.”

Cerda is working closely with these women to improve the quality of life. According to the Ecuadorian businessman, many of the women who live in this area suffer from illnesses and have risky pregnancies due to the pollution generated by the extraction of their resources. "When a company enters our territory for the extraction of oils, I see it as a social degradation," says Cerda about the situation in the Amazon.

The Ecuadorian also says how grateful he is with the response and support of people who, in a selfless way, seek to safeguard the area. "First of all, the fight ... is all of us. The fight is every single human being in this planet," says the entrepreneur referring to the support received by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Academy Award-winning actor and environmental activist, made a $3.4MM donation to the victims of the Chevron oil disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon. “It was wonderful that we got support from celebrities such as Leo DiCaprio. His foundation works towards the protection of animal species,” added Cerda.

Another great Ecuadorian artist who supports the cause is the international Pop Star, Mirella Cesa, one of the most important singer-songwriters in Ecuador.

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