Fans, who have been waiting for the “Half-Life: Alyx” release date announcement, better get their VR headsets ready. Bucking industry trend of delayed game releases, Valve finally announced that the VR title will hit the shelves in one month.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Release Date

Valve announced the title’s release date via a simple social media post. “’Half-Life: Alyx," available March 23, 2020,” the developer posted on its official Twitter account.

The developer later made a follow-up tweet which showed three screenshots for the game. The post had a tagline “Return to City 17 in just six weeks” along with links to the official website of the game as well as to its Steam page, according to Tech Radar.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Setting

The VR title will be set between the first two games – “Half-Life” and “Half-Life 2” – in Valve’s franchise. The name actually comes from Alyx Vance, a character introduced in the second game.

In the first “Half-Life,” gamers play as Gordon Freeman, one of the survivors of the disaster that was caused when an experiment opened an inter-dimensional portal. In “Half-Life 2,” the planet has already been overrun by The Combine, an alien race that came out of the portal accidentally opened in the first game.

The “Half-Life: Alyx” is set between the events of the two games. The portal has already been opened by accident but the planet is not yet completely overrun by The Combine. As Alyx Vance, players will lead a resistance movement against the incoming alien horde.

Franchise’s First VR Title

The “Half-Life: Alyx” release is a highly anticipated event among fans of Valve’s titles. As pointed out by Tech Radar, it would be one of the first Valve major franchises to get a VR title.

The game was developed with the Valve Index, the developers own VR headset, in mind which means that it will be free for gamers who already own the Valve VR hardware. However, the title works for other VR headsets as well such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

The “Alyx” trailer was a hit among gamer and was watched over 10 million times within the first 24 hours upon its release. The Valve Index headset also became sold out in the United States, Canada, and Europe a week after the game was announced in November 2019.

Half-Life Alyx
Valve's VR title 'Half-Life: Alyx' will be released on March 23, 2020. Half-Life / Valve

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