The Steam 2013 Winter Sale is rumored to kick off tomorrow, Dec. 19 and Valve has already begun teasing the upcoming holiday sale with special snow globe trading cards. The cards are currently available for those who craft badges on their Steam profiles. The Steam Winter Sale is slated to start tomorrow according to leaked emails that emerged online and was immediately shared to Reddit some odd months ago. But until the sale actually kicks off Valve has surprised users with goodies.

More precisely, Valve is rewarding gamers who craft badges using trading cards from games that have such things will earn Snow Globe trading cards that will be stored in a new collection in their inventory. There are 10 different cards in both a standard version and a foil version. As of now, however, you can't craft them into a separate badge as Steam won't allow you, according to Softpedia news. It is more than likely that when the sale starts, Dec. 19, you may be able to do so.

Steam also gave away Summer Getaway Cards which were specifically created for the summer sale. There were three ways to get them which included: crafting a badge, you could get one for every $10 you spent and finally you could achieve one by voting in the Community Choice deal three times. And if you are wondering why these cards matter it's actually quite simple. You get the cards, sell them on the market and have money to purchase awesome games for whatever sell is happening.

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