Steam is going to offer discounts for a total of 175 virtual reality games this weekend, so Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners better take advantage of this promo while it lasts.

Though it is not surprising that Steam is running another weekend-long sale this week because Valve’s distribution platform does this type of promotion every week, this weekend’s promo is still going to be a blast since it is focused on virtual reality games.

Steam’s VR Weekend Sale is going to be more advantageous to HTC Vive owners, because most if not all of the games being offered are going to be compatible with the VR headset. And this does not come as a surprise at all, given that Valve is also the developer of Vive, as per SlashGear

Nevertheless, Oculus Rift owners can still enjoy this weekend’s discounts because there are a lot of titles that are going to be compatible with Oculus VR’s headset. 

The center of attraction during this weekend’s sale is the 20-game bundle for $251.42. This offer comprises “Final Approach,” “Space Pirate Trainer,” “Brookhaven Experiment” and “House of the Dying Sun,” among many others, according to The Verge

“Holoball,” “Vanishing Realms,” “The Gallery: Ep 1” and “A Chair in a Room: Greenwater” will be offered with 20 percent off their individual prices. The full list of the discounted VR games can be viewed here

Meanwhile, this weekend’s VR Weekend Sale is not solely for VR headset owners. SlashGear pointed out that a number of titles available also have Windows, Mac and Linux support. 

While the sound of VR Weekend Sale may be music to the ears of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners, CNET pointed out that they should be aware that the quality of the VR games being discounted is not that great.

The famous review site noted that though the suite of VR games is growing quickly, there is still a scarcity of high quality content from established publishers.

Most of the games available to gamers to this date are just small, indie projects and unfinished beta software from starting game creators. 

The Steam VR Weekend Sale kicked off this Friday and will run until Monday at 1 p.m. ET.