Happy birthday Jennifer Lopez ! This diva is turning 48 on July 24, 2016 and we're just amazed that every year that goes by she just looks better and more gorgeous. This year in particular, JLo has been working harder than usual, with the premiere of the second season of her TV show on NBC "Shades of Blue," where she plays New York detective Harlee Santos, a single mother who runs with a group of dirty cops, taking her cut of the bribes and protection money to give her bright and promising daughter the best life possible and a leg up for a better future. The show's second season premiered in March.

If that wasn't enough, JLo has been keeping busy with the premiere of "World of Dance," which saw the light on May 30th. Lopez is the executive producer and a judge of the reality competition series, hosted by Jenna Dewan Tatum. The series features dance performers, including solo acts and larger groups, representing any style of dance, competing for a grand prize of $1 million. Besides Lopez, the contestants are also scored by judges Ne-Yo and Derek Hough.

Besides taking over TV, JLo is still selling out her Las Vegas residency show, "All I Have," set to start its seventh and last leg (for now) on September 6 until September 27 at The AXIS auditorium located in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

. She had previously broken the record during the August 13, 2016 concert, which earned over $1 million in revenue, becoming Planet Hollywood's highest-grossing show to date, breaking the previous box office record for a single show, set by "Britney: Piece of Me." Lopez's "All I Have" was the most successful Las Vegas residency of 2016, grossing $34.6 million.

If you thought she couldn't possibly be doing more, you're wrong. Jennifer Lopez is also in the middle of recording a Spanish album that is being produced by her ex-husband, Marc Anthony and his company, Magnus Media, which she recently joined as a talent. She's already released two singles, "Olvídame y Pega la Vuelta," featuring Marc Anthony, originally recorded by Pimpinella and re-released in 2016 in a more "modern" version and a salsa version. Most recently, she released "Ni tu ni yo," featuring Gente de Zona, a catchy tune with a sexy music video that proves JLo only gets better with time.

On top of her successful professional career, her personal life is thriving. She continues to prove she's an exceptional mother to her "coconuts," twins Max and Emme who are now nine years old, and number one girlfriend to Dominican baseball legend Alex Rodriguez.

To celebrate the Puerto Rican star's birthday, we've gathered up her 48 best moments throughout her life and career. So enjoy this trip down memory lane that will make you realize the influence JLo's had in your life!

#1 Who would’ve thought our lovely Jennifer started as a Fly Girl on “In Living Color”? Here’s the moment when she was introduced to the audience for the first time in 1991. Screenshot

#2 The movie that launched her career, “Selena.” Lopez played the queen of Tex-Mex music in the 1997 biopic following the singer’s tragic death. Creative Commons

#3 And then she married Ojani Noa. Grosby Group

#4 After “Selena,” she played Karen Sisco in “Out of Sight” next to George Clooney. Universal Pictures

#5 And boom! Her music career launched. Never forget the music video that reinvented the industry in 1999. Very futuristic, which was “the thing” at the end of the 90’s since everyone thought we were all going to be ruled by robots in the 2000’s. Screenshot

#6 Of course, J.Lo dated Puff Daddy (name that cannot be used in this day and age. Please refer to him as Mr. Combs, Sean Combs) and here we see how the rapper turned business mogul influenced her style at the time at the MTV VMA’s 2000. Getty Images

#7 I see London, I see France, I see J.Lo’s… well, everything! This revealing Versace dress was all people talked about during the Feb. 2000 Grammy Awards. Getty Images

#8 In that same year, Jennifer starred in the psychological thriller "The Cell," showing us a whole different JLo that the Versace dress didn't show! New Line Cinema

#9 Later that same year, history was made as Jennifer attended the first ever Latin Grammys looking simply elegant. Getty Images

#10 But don’t worry, girl still had her swag. Here she entertains fans at a Virgin Records store in Hollywood to promote her (then) new album titled 'J. Lo.' Anyone remember that? Getty Images

#11 Actress and pop star Jennifer Lopez arrives at the premiere of Columbia Pictures'' 'The Wedding Planner' January 23, 2001 at Loews Century Plaza Theatre in Century City, CA. Getty Images

#12 And she broke up with Diddy because her “love don’t cost a thing.” Still, she looked fierce. Screenshot

#13 And bounced back with new boy-toy dancer Cris Judd (left). Screenshot

#14 She also married him. Although their marriage only lasted 9 months. Getty Images

#15 We were all secretly obsessed with J.Lo and Ja Rule’s collaborations in the early 2000’s. Getty Images

#16 And then when she started dating Ben Affleck. Getty Images

#17 No way of laying low… Getty Images

#18 Keeping it classy! Getty Images

#19 You won’t be so happy when you read Gigli’s reviews a little into the future. Getty Images

#20 But it’s ok, Jenny rose like a phoenix with her new album and reminded everyone the block where she came from… Screenshot

#21 That must have been a fancy a** neighborhood where she grew up… Screenshot

#22 And again, always surprising us. Stripping from all her usual glitz and glamour, donning a more “modest” ensemble and even doing chores! Columbia Pictures

#23 But never ceasing to have fun. Columbia Pictures

#24 Until "Gigli" was finally released. And it sucked. And the "Bennifer" legacy ended. Columbia Pictures

#25 Jennifer managed to dance her sorrows away with Richard Gere. Miramax

#26 And later reconnected with long-time friend Marc Anthony. Whom she married. Getty Images

#27 Went on a tour with… Getty Images

#28 Got pregnant with his baby. Grosby Group

#29 Continued to tour with… Grosby Group

#30 And why not some touring of her own! Grosby Group

#31 Jennifer Lopez became mom to Maximilian David and Emme Maribel on February 22, 2008. Grosby Group

#32 And J.Lo indulged in the joys of motherhood. Grosby Group

#33 Isn’t motherhood great? Grosby Group

#34 After a little hiatus from showbiz to focus on her kids, she was back. This time as a judge on American Idol. Getty Images

#35 She showed everyone how it’s done. Getty Images

#36 And always looked fierce, even though she was divorcing hubby Marc Anthony. Getty Images

#37 However, she always bounces back! This time with new boy-toy Casper Smart! Getty Images

#38 Who was also her dancer. Getty Images

#39 But who worked hard to be a good example for JLo's kids. Grosby Group

#40 And support his star girlfriend. Getty Images

#41 He let her shine. Getty Images

#42 Let her play with her friends and didn't give her a hard time over it... Getty Images

#43 But was always by her side making sure everything was in order! ;) Grosby Group

#44 And celebrated all of her accomplishments! Grosby Group

#45 The two later broke up, but remained friends, and she continued to prove the world why she's the best at everything she does. Eventually, JLo and Casper got back together again. Or were they never really broken up? Hmmm... Getty

#46 In 2015 JLo surprised everyone with a new 'do, proving once again that even with short hair, she's one of the most beautiful women out there. Getty

#47 Turns out, her new 'do was for her new show "Shades of Blue," which premiered on NBC in 2016. With that, a Vegas residency and the American Idol finale, JLo has been super busy in 2016 but we can't get enough of her! NBC

#48 JLo's ringing in a new year of life with a second season of NBC's "Shades of Blue," a new reality show "World of Dance," more dates of her Vegas residency, a Spanish album on the way, and Hollywood's hottest romance with none other than Alex Rodriguez. Getty