What happens when NBC and Jennifer Lopez team up? A new dance reality competition! That’s right, the peacock network and the Bronx diva are working together along with the world’s premiere dance brand, “World of Dance,” to create the biggest, most spectacular and innovative dance competition on television. JLo will be Executive producer through her company Nuyorican Productions, and we sure hope she’ll be up for a few cameos.

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez and NBC joined forces to bring the ultimate dance competition to your screens. All dance styles, groups and individual acts and the winner will get a million dollars! Reuters

World of Dance,” the company that gives the name to this show, is the original, most trusted, and fastest growing dance and music entertainment brand in the world. They are a platform for people and their talent, and believe sharing your authentic experience is crucial to building a connected world.

Like the company, this new competition show is looking for originality and diversity in all styles of dance. From tap to contemporary, ballet to hip hop, breaking to ballroom, and any other style of dance. Routines should be memorable and stand out from the crowd and dancers can feel free to combine styles, show their creativity, musicality, attitude and showmanship with groundbreaking routines.

The show will feature the best soloists, duos, trios and groups in all styles of dance in a bid to determine who is the greatest dance act on the planet. Contestants will be divided in three divisions: Juniors, Uppers and Teams, and they will battle head to head for one million dollars and the title of “Best in the World.”

Juniors can consist of one solo performer up to groups of 20, made up of any combination of males and females. Ages 8 years old to 16 years old. Uppers can consist of one solo performer up to 4 members, made up of any combination of males and females. Ages 17 and older. Teams should consist of 5-20 performers, made up of any combination of males and females. Ages 17 years and older.

To apply you must register and submit an online application and video in order to be considered for a call back audition. You can do that HERE.