Harvard Denies Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez Has Been Accepted To School, Still Waiting On Application

Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez
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The story of the 11-year-old Mexican genius, Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez, has garnered a great deal of attention as the prodigy was reported to have an IQ ranging from 152-160, learned how to read by the young age of four, and mastered English, French and Mandarin Chinese at the age of five.

"He's a boy who questions everything. Who likes different things, who learned too fast. Who sometimes had a lot of trouble socializing with other kids his age," said Fabiola Álvarez de la Paz, the young boy's mother, according to CNNMéxico.

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Another claim that was being made about Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez was that he will be attending Harvard University this fall to study Quantum Physics. But Latin Times has learned that Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez will not be attending Harvard this fall and that the 11-year-old has yet to apply to the ivy league college.

"We do not discuss individual students, but I can tell you that Harvard College has no record of this applicant," revealed Harvard University to Latin Times.

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Reports that Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez is going to Harvard or was invited by the university are false and it appears that the young prodigy has ambitions to apply to the university. While the details of the story are murky and Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez has yet to apply--let alone get accepted--to Harvard University, there is no denying that an IQ of 152-160 would qualify him to be a genius. Consider this: The average adult IQ is 100.

Regardless of where this young boy ends up, there is no doubt he will do great things. Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez is so passionate about academics and changing the world that he admitted in an interview with El Sol de Zamora, that he wishes to excel in a variety of different subject areas and he sometimes studies in his free time.

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