Recently, the former king of Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein was transported to Rikers Island after spending a few days in Bellevue Hospital following pains in his chest.

He has been found guilty of two charges of sexual assault and is yet to know how many years he will be spending in prison. In the wake of the impending verdict, Harvey Weinstein's lawyer, Donna Rotunno has accused the women, who testified against him, claiming that they were "guilty of a lot of things", which included sending him affectionate messages in order to use him.

"They were guilty of making Harvey Weinstein do things, making him believe that they wanted to be with him, that they wanted to spend time with him," she said. "And then get up on a witness stand and call him disgusting - sending him letters saying 'miss you big guy,' sending letters saying 'love you lots'. I mean how is that ok? How are we as a society saying men all bad, women all good when we look at that evidence. How do we reconcile that?"

Rotunno, who has been accused of taunting witnesses and questioning them in a way that they were reduced to tears and panic attacks, responded to the claims that people are not really thinking about “the big picture and I don't understand what they were hoping for.”

"Were they hoping that we would let people walk into a courtroom, tell their stories and not be asked any questions? It doesn't make any sense, that's not how a court procedure works,” she said.

Rotunno is also not okay with no forensic evidence being presented during the testimonies and jurors making their decision just on the basis of what the accusers said.

"If this becomes a pattern or a model for the way juries decide cases, I think every single person who finds themselves charged with a crime should be concerned," she said. "Because if we are finding people guilty, when there are mountains of doubt and very little evidence - if any at all - I think we need to question what the justice system looks like."

"The question is, do you have to believe someone just because they make a statement? If you're looking at it through a moral lens, everyone's guilty, but that's not what we do in a criminal justice system, that's not how it works," she added.

Today, as Rotunno believes, men don’t have any power anymore because "a woman can say anything she wants and they're going to be believed".

"That takes away every ounce of power that a man has. The pendulum is swinging so far in another direction that I think that it's dangerous and scary and nobody's going to change my mind about that,” she said.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein responds to Salma Hayek after sexual harassment accusations. Photo: Getty Images

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