Jilted lovers seldom act out of common sense. 57-year-old Kulwinder Singh joined the list of vindictive stalkers who resorted to extreme forms of stalking an ex-partner in the name of love. Singh fitted a tracking device to his exes’ car and “threatened to kill her future boyfriends”.

Singh pleaded guilty to harassment at the Birmingham Crown Court after he was produced before the court. Singh, who broke up with his ex-girlfriend roughly about two years ago, had her move out after he discussed installing CCTV cameras at home. On being dumped, Singh told his then-girlfriend that he would continue to keep tabs on her life, ‘check out anyone she went out with to make sure he was good enough for her’.

After planting a GPS tracker and microphone in her car, Singh didn’t stop at just that. He followed the woman all the way to an IKEA store on Wednesday and screamed: “She ruined my life so I will ruin hers.” He also followed her to the Post Office, and yelled at passers-by, pointing to her: “She’s a whore!”

The man later managed to get on a call with his former lover and confessed to stalking her and being able to keep tabs of her whereabouts after installing the device in her car. Aside from making Xeroxes of her passport, Singh threatened to “kill all her future boyfriends” on a phone call to the victim’s relatives in India.

Singh, who currently faces a deferred sentence until June 12, will not face a jail term provided he leaves the victim alone for the next four months. But, any repeated offenses from his part might land him behind bars. The judge told Singh: 'What you did was very, very serious, and I'm sure you understand you could have gone to prison, and you might still go to prison.” He further added, “But I won't send you to prison as long as you keep away from the victim. You must have no contact, directly or indirectly with her, or by getting someone else to do so. As long as you do this, you will not be sent to prison in June, and I will decide what to do with you and if I need to impose a restraining order.”

The crime came to the fore when Singh’s former lover suspected something to be amiss. A detailed check at the garage unraveled that a tracker had been fitted professionally into the panels. 

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