, the global travel leader dedicated to making booking trips as simple as possible, is inviting travelers to seize all the best deals for domestic and international travel this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Skyscanner analyzed data from 2018 taking a deep dive into what users searched and booked around the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season, and the best airlines to consider for specific destinations, so travelers are well-informed to make their travel plans once the Thanksgiving feast settles.

What were the most searched destinations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Domestic       International         Cheapest Time to Travel to International Destinations

New York            Tokyo                 April and November

Los Angeles        London              February

Orlando               Paris                   February and November

Las Vegas            Cancun              January

Miami                     Rome                 February and November

Chicago                  Barcelona          February and October

San Francisco       Dublin                February and November

Fort Lauderdale   Mexico City       March

Denver                   Bangkok             April

Washington, DC   Manila               September

What were the cheapest destinations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Domestic                               International

Buffalo                                   Fort de France

Oakland                                 Toronto

Denver                                   Montreal

Tampa                                   Cancun

Kansas City                          Fortaleza

Las Vegas                             Calgary

Philadelphia                        Monterrey

Orlando                                Santo Domingo

Santa Ana                            Vancouver

New Orleans                       Reykjavik

In terms of airlines, there are definite standouts when it comes to analyzing deals for domestic and international destinations. Our research found that Spirit Airlines historically offers the best deals for popular domestic destinations, as well as select international destinations like Colombia and Mexico. The top airlines offering the most deals on international travel include Lufthansa, for Germany and Spain-bound travel, and Norwegian Air if you're considering Ireland or the Netherlands.

Is Black Friday actually cheaper?

Is Black Friday actually cheaper? Is Black Friday actually cheaper? Screenshot

Black Friday 2019

Skyscanner polled its users on its website to get a glimpse into travel intent as the biggest shopping holiday of the year nears, and the results were very telling. When asked if travel is on their shopping lists after Thanksgiving, there was an even split among respondents, with 37.3 percent saying it is and another 37.3 percent saying it's not. Of those who are looking for travel deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a resounding  67.7 percent of users said they are shopping for international destinations. The biggest driver when looking at travel deals is price and budget (more than 87 percent), and Europe is a preferred destination for these users.