'Herederos De Una Venganza' Telenovela
Televisa is possibly remaking this Argentine telenovela. Find out what it's all about here! Televisa

Televisa loves making remakes and producer Nicandro Diaz had eyed an Argentine telenovela called "Herederos De Una Venganza." The executive behind soaps like "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo," "Destilando Amor," "Soy Tu Dueña" and "Mañana Es Para Siempre" had expressed interest in casting Silvia Navarro, Marlene Favela or Leticia Calderón in the villanous role. However, a new report on "Formula Espectacular" cites that Diaz is having second thoughts on adapting this story for Mexican audiences. He says that the main theme is a little too heavy for viewers for the time slot they are proposing. From the official synopsis we read, it deals with Nazis and it's a bit dark. Read the summary of the telenovela below and tell us if it's something you would want to watch as a telenovela!

SYNOPSIS: Antonio Puentes, a young agronomist engineer, comes to Vidisterra to marry his girlfriend, who was born and raised in the vineyards of the village. However, in the middle of the wedding, Angie disappears and Antonio’s destiny changes forever. After searching for her all night, they find her murdered in the woods. Antonio decides he will stay in town to solve the crime of his woman and do justice.

What Antonio ignores, and will be discovering with time, is that the town is under the stranglehold of the Lodge of the Inverted Cross, conformed by descendents of Nazi criminals who sought refugee in Vidisterra after World War II and who are convinced that their mission is to protect the town from evil. The mayor, the sheriff, the doctor and the most powerful businessmen in town defend the secret cause; it was them who sacrificed Angie to stop some curse.

During this long path, Antonio will travel in search of the truth, he will meet Mercedes Leiva, and he will fall in love again. Mercedes was unfairly in prison for eight years, convicted for the murder of her husband, and she is liberated the same day Antonio arrives in town. Their desire for justice will join them against Octavio Capogreco, the corrupted mayor of the town, whom they believe is responsible for the death of Angie and Mercedes’s husband.

As love flourishes between them, there is also the impossibility for them to be together because there is a chance that they might be siblings; also, the doctor and the district attorney will do anything to separate them, out of the obsessive love they feel for each of them.

Antonio and Mercedes are not alone in this village of vineyards, secrets and hate, Lucas, Mercedes’s brother, will help them. At the same time, he will try to win Emilia’s heart; she is the young heiress of the Piave wine cellars. But Rafael, a friend of Antonio and partner of Capogreco, is also in love with Emilia and he will do anything to set them apart.

After all kinds of trouble and tragedies, Antonio discovers the truth; he finds out his true identity: he is the son of one of the highest members of the Lodge, he discovers their activities, and he also realizes that his parents murdered his wife. In a state of madness and despair, he nearly eliminates all of them. However, Benicio, a powerful Chilean businessman, frames him for the crime of one of Mercedes cousins. Benicio believes Mercedes is destined to be his, so he deploys an obsessively precise plan, which succeeds, and makes Mercedes hate Antonio, and sends him to prison for a crime he did not commit.

After two years in prison, Antonio is darkened by hate and desire for revenge. While he is being transferred, Benicio sends someone to kill him because he does not want to leave any loose ends. However, Antonio survives, runs away and comes back to the town that changed his faith forever. From the shadows he witnesses when Mercedes, the love of her life, marries the man that locked him away, and he notices she has a two year old son, who he believes is his. Antonio is left with nothing but his desire for vengeance towards all the people that destroyed his life.

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