While other phones, especially Samsung, have been floundering in the dust, desperate to dethrone iPhone, looks like Motorola is already working towards regaining its star status with the new, revamped version of an old favorite, the Razr.

The original Motorola Razr was a massive hit and was one of the best selling mobile phones in history. In an attempt to outbid the iPhone, Motorola is apparently planning on cashing in on the nostalgia from 15 years ago and is all set to launch a new foldable smartphone, also named the Razr, which is slightly different from other foldable smartphones on the market. 

While smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold fold horizontally and are mostly designed to be smartphone/tablet hybrids, the Razr folds in vertically and is a regular smartphone.

But the success of this foldable smartphone hinges on many points as it has been launched at a time when the demand for foldable smartphones isn’t exactly skyrocketing. Also, the lack of durability shown by previous phones (remember Galaxy Fold and its easily broken displays?) doesn’t exactly invoke much faith in the new model. But if Motorola is to be believed, the latest Razr has an amped-up display and hinge design, which can smoothly deal with the issues previous foldable displays suffered from.

CNET has revealed that the phone has been perfected over more than 20 different prototype designs. If you remember, the original Razr had giant hinges jutting out from each side, so not the cool phone the current era demands.

The new version supports a complete fold with a zero-gap hinge and has added space for the display to bend inward. The hinge mechanism is smoother than it in other foldable devices and that’s saying. 

Launched on November 13, 2019, the latest Motorola Razr may or may not live up to the rumors of its exceptional mechanism but it is certainly not the only one vying for the limelight as Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 with a design similar to that of the new Motorola Razr, that too at a lesser price.