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Annoying YouTube guy interviews Hillary Clinton at a Beverly Hills fundraiser. Photo ops reportedly cost a $2,700 donation to the Democratic primary candidate’s campaign. Lopez is known for his long YouTube ads which link to motivational speaking and life coach websites with guides that insinuate clickers can make millions. Tai Lopez / @tailopez

Maybe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t know who Tai Lopez when she allowed an impromptu interview with the investor and self-styled life coach whose shysty ads have taken over YouTube. In a video released by Tai Lopez, the two literally rubbed shoulders at Christina Aguilera’s $2,700 per-photo-op Beverly Hills fundraiser . You’ve probably seen Tai Lopez next to his Lamborghini, or in his Beverly Hills mansion, in YouTube videos where he brags of his wealth and tries to hock his 67-step program to make you a millionaire too.

“I talked to Hillary Clinton on books at Christina Aguilera's house (Secret Service was watching, haha),” Lopez wrote on his Twitter feed Thursday night following the fundraiser.

Tai Lopez: Are you a big believer in reading?

Hillary Clinton: I am a huge believer in reading. I read every day. Something for work and also something for pleasure.

Lopez: Favorite book ever?

Clinton: Well, there are so many of them but I really loved and was influenced by The Brothers Karamazov

If you’ve seen Lopez’s videos, you know that he is fond of books. He claims to have a library of 5,000 books and read one every day. In his videos, Lopez argues that Hollywood rules the world. Meanwhile, NPR’s Maria Hinojosa is still waiting for an interview. Lopez also promises that following his 67 rules will make you rich.

We can’t disprove him, but we are pretty sure that Clinton has found a better way to stack the Benjamins. Her fundraiser hosted by Aguilera reportedly logged over 1 million dollars, according to CNN’s Dan Merica.

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