Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was very sexist towards her when the two of them met, as Russia continues to threaten a nuclear response towards its war in Ukraine.

Clinton, speaking in an interview with the Financial Times, spoke about her attempted diplomatic overtures with Putin during her time as Secretary of State, and described how he would tend to be sexist to her when in front of the media, according to Business Insider.

“He was very sexist towards me,” she said, before continuing with a story: “We had some interesting, even helpful, interactions in private and then the press would be invited in and he would say something insulting about America. He would then manspread for effect.”

Putin, whose country Russia has been engaged in a war with Ukraine since February, has largely demonstrated a willingness to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine if the “special military operation” that they are doing in the country does not go as planned, CBC reported.

“I think the risk of a nuclear threat right now is pretty low — as long as Russia feels it's winning,” Malcolm Chalmers, the deputy director of the London-based Royal United Services Institute, said.

“Where the risk rises is if there is some sort of catastrophic collapse of Russian conventional capability — which could happen — and they begin to lose quite a lot of territory,” Chalmers elaborated.

Putin’s push into Ukraine has also prompted Finland to attempt to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization out of fears that Russia may attempt to take over their country by force after they are done with their invasion of Ukraine.

“This is one of the very profound changes that have very rapidly taken place in Finland,” analyst Matti Pesu said. “Finland could be more susceptible to nuclear coercion and Russia would be more willing to use nukes as a political tool, simply because Finland is not in NATO.”

With that in mind, Hillary Clinton believes that former U.S. President Donald Trump was prepared to let the United States leave NATO at the prompting of Putin had he been able to win the 2020 Presidential elections. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has backed up this claim by Clinton previously in an interview.

“I thought he put his foot over it, but at least he didn't withdraw then,” Bolton said. “In a second Trump term, I think he may well have withdrawn from NATO. And I think Putin was waiting for that.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was sexist to her during their interactions together, as Putin flexes his nuclear muscle against Ukraine. MIKHAIL METZEL/Getty Images.

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