“The Hills: New Beginnings” just started a few weeks ago, but buzz about the show is swelling, thanks to some possible casting announcements. According to Star magazine, Miley Cyrus is expected to join girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter to televise their budding relationship.

“Miley has agreed to appear on The Hills with Kaitlynn next season,” the tabloid’s source claimed. “She loves stirring the pot, so she was all in.”

It even reported that Carter supposedly “assured the producers” that she’ll be open to tackle her previous marriage to Brody Jenner and her new relationship with Cyrus. The singer is allegedly excited to “show off” her new affair and apparently loves the attention they’re getting.

But Gossip Cop came to the rescue and cleared the rumor once and for all. It has learned that the story is completely untrue. Cyrus’ spokesperson confirmed that her client is “absolutely not” joining the show’s cast. Claims of her craving attention and “flaunting” her relationship with Carter is a “reflection” of the media’s excessive attention on the two of them, the site dismissed.

Upon their investigation, her social media accounts rarely displayed traces of her relationship with Carter. In fact, only a few photos of them have been seen online since August started. When it comes to stirring the pot, it’s probably the publication.

It claimed that Cyrus was “hooking up” with Carter during her marriage with Liam Hemsworth, reported that he dated his brother Chris’ ex Isabel Lucas and even alleged that the two exes “only wed for tax purposes.” Naturally, Gossip Cop was there to debunk them all.

What is sure, though, is Cyrus’ blossoming romance with Carter, which started in Italy. Carter showed up publicly at the VMAs to support the singer’s performance of “Slide Away.”

On the other hand, Carter’s ex, Jenner — an alum of “The Hills” himself — was less than ecstatic. “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today,” he wrote on Instagram. However, Cyrus retorted on another post: “@brodyjenner Go take a nap in your truck and cool off.”

The Hills: New Beginnings
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