Celebrating the cultura during Hispanic Heritage Month is usually all about festivals, parades, performances, and other events that honor the rich contributions of our communities. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the many unexpected things happening in 2020, celebratory plans would be different.

Thankfully, the internet has a variety of options for us to take the fiesta online, including Airbnb's Online Experiences featuring bilingual hosts from all over Latin America and the United States! Ranging from $6 to $102 per person, these Online Experiences will take you from salsa dancing and cigar tasting to learning about Día de Los Muertos, and will open up your world to the diverse Latinx traditions and help reconnect with your roots or discover new passions.

How To Celebrate The Latinx And Hispanic Cultures Virtually

  • Led by a tourist guide passionate about pre-Hispanic cultures, explore the Traditions of Mexico's Day of the Dead, and learn how to make the famous Mexican “Papel Picado” and colorful sugar skulls. 
  • Unfold the mysteries and etiquette of cigar smoking, rum, and coffee pairings with a Cigar Tasting from Miami's Little Havana.
  • Become your barista! Led by a Mexican National Coffee Judge, and boasting more than 1,000 five-star reviews, the World's Top Coffee Masterclass will teach you what it takes to make a great cup of coffee. 
  • Transport yourself to the Caribbean with a Puerto Rican Salsa Dance Party. Learn how to dance to the rhythms of Salsa de Calle or street salsa from local experts. 
  • Get the full experience that Mezcal offers and learn All About Mezcal with Oaxaca Sommelier.
  • Learn techniques and secrets about the most emblematic and delicious Peruvian dish and Cook the Best Ceviche with Chef Melissa.  
  • Engage in conversation about Gin & Gender. Learn about the background of the drink, the seeming relationships between gender and alcohol, and how we can start changing stereotypes.