In a period of uncertainty, some homeless people don’t have many options. But in the case of 72-year-old John Keown, he preferred to spend time in jail rather than taking his chances out in the cold.

Keown is being charged for trespassing, something that appears he did on purpose. He was booked at the Vanderburgh County Jail on Sunday with his bond set at $500.

It turns out that the homeless man from Indiana tried to seek shelter at a hospital over in Evansville in the middle of the night. He claimed he was not feeling well but when doctors checked him, they found nothing wrong with him, 14News reported. Regardless, he refused to leave and the police were called for help.

When officers arrived, they gave Keown the choice of either leaving the hospital or getting arrested. The 72-year-old chose the latter.

Keown is unable to speak and instead wrote on paper that he was feeling fine when reporters interviewed him at the jail. He was asked by reporters where he lives but the man simply shook his head indicating he was homeless.

He would, later on, reveal that he prefers to be in jail than spend a night in the cold. Also, Keown says he is a good man and has no idea what the future holds. All he can do for now is turn to prayer.

It appears the case of the 72-year-old man is not the only one. According to Zac Heronemus, an executive director at Aurora said that many homeless people like Keown chose to go to prison so they can get off the streets. However, he adds that this makes it that much harder to find a home when they leave.

"Let's put it this way, when you have your backs up against the wall, any option out there, while you're experiencing homelessness, is a step up above being out on the streets and being out in the elements," he stated.

With the coronavirus in the air and temperatures dropping, shelters are at maximum capacity. The numbers are rising especially with some people getting evicted while others are left unemployed.

Per statistics, evictions negatively affect an individuals' ability to secure a job, maintain their health and such leads to poverty which makes it very difficult for them to climb out from.

Man in jail. Illustration of man in jail. Shutterstock