A hairdresser says that he feels extremely lucky to be alive. He was subjected to a blow to the head by a hammer-wielding attacker. The incident is suspected to be a homophobic hate crime.

The life-threatening incident happened to the man, after a late-night argument with a group of people. Lóránt-Árpád Tompos, the victim, states that had the hammer blow been just a couple of centimeters higher, he would have been dead.

Tompos was said to be attacked in the early hours of the night, between 2:00 to 2:30 a.m. in August. It happened in Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom, as the victim was walking to his home with his friends, after coming from a night out.

The ordeal began when the victim and his friends were approached by a group of men and women. One of the women apparently called someone and told them that “gays” were harassing them. Soon after, a group of men arrived at the scene and one of them had a hammer.

Tompos told Devon Live that he did not imagine the men would use the weapon. He recalled that as the conflict got heated, he found himself on the ground with immense pain in his head.

During the ordeal, the victim sustained considerable injuries to his face. He had to undergo surgery to repair the facial damages. Later, he narrated that he was gravely concerned and scared to move outside again in the coming weeks after this heinous attack. He also warned other members of the LGBT community to be careful as the UK still was not safe.

The victim underwent surgery at Torbay Hospital, and he remains recovering from the incident. He revealed that a metal plate was put in his face during the surgery. He was in constant pain due to the injuries caused by the homophobic attack. Left with a watering eye, due to his injuries, Tompos says his profession has been affected, The Mirror reported.

Aside from his compromised physical health, Tompos claims his mental health had also suffered. He shared that he was now too scared to step out of his home. The life-threatening attack could have taken his life if the hammer had landed on the victim’s temple. The near-death experience has left the victim worried that he may never recover from the mental trauma.

One of Devon and Cornwall Police’s spokesperson confirmed that the police have taken up this case. The police are investigating the incident based on the reports of a hate crime and assault which caused severe physical harm with intent.

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