A family in Honduras was ecstatic and hopeful after burying their loved one and trying to resuscitate them a day later. Neysy Perez, a 16-year-old girl who was three-months pregnant when she was pronounced dead by doctors, was believed to be alive in her coffin. The tragedy happened when Perez fell unconscious after hearing a burst of gunfire near her home in La Entrada, western Honduras. Her religious mother believed she was possessed by an evil spirit after noticing that the teen began to release foam from her mouth. She then called a pastor to perform an exorcism. The young girl, who recently got married, was later rushed to a hospital in San Pedro Sula, where she was pronounced dead. 

But the story just gets weirder from there. Her family assures she was buried alive; in fact, her widower Rudy David Gonzales told Primer Impacto that he heard knocking from inside the coffin when he went to visit her grave the day after. Cemetery worker, Jesus Villanueva, also heard the same noises. "I heard screams, but I wasn't sure if they were coming from the tomb or elsewhere," he said. 

Convinced that their beloved daughter and wife was still alive, family members and neighbors rushed to open the coffin by first breaking down the concrete tomb with a sledgehammer. "I moved her, she spilled water with blood, she didn't have bad odor, she had normal body temperature," said her sister Gladys Gutierrez. Desperately trying to bring her back to life, the family rushed the body once more to the hospital, seeking medical help.

Claudia Lopez was the doctor who attended Neysy's family. "They took her out of the coffin and put her on the bed," she said. "We evaluated her because everyone insisted she was alive. We took her pressure, we performed CPR, but she did not respond," she added. Hours passed and the young girl never woke up. However, a close friend named Filiberto Torres revealed details that prove the soon-to-be-mom was indeed alive when she was buried. "She had scratches on her forehead and knuckles," he said, also noting that the glass on the coffin was broken. 

According to Telegrah, doctors believe that she suffered a severe panic attack that stopped her heart temporarily. They also believe that she may have been a victim of a cataplexy attack, which is an abrupt loss of voluntary muscle function triggered by extreme stress.

Perez was buried the second time in her original grave.