Hong Kong has not reported even a single new case of COVID-19 in the last two weeks, marking an end to what seems like a second wave of coronavirus in the country.

Having achieved stability after the first wave of coronavirus infections, Hong Kong had started to lift restrictions on people in late February. However, the second wave of coronavirus was soon reported as new cases of COVID-19 increased, followed by a sharp increase in the number of infections.

The country immediately put even more strict restrictions in place to tackle the disease afterward. Now that no new cases of coronavirus infection in Hong Kong have been observed in the last two weeks, people are slowly returning to their normal routine but with extra precautions.

The success of the countries lies in its quick responsiveness and timely actions. The first case of coronavirus was reported in Hong Kong on January 24 and soon thereafter, the country closed its border and implemented social distancing guidelines.

But how did the country manage to beat the second wave of coronavirus this fast?

Even though Hong Kong reported about 150 COVID-19 positive people in the country, it was quick enough to put a band on preventing people from transiting city’s airport and implemented strict testing and quarantine measures for all arrivals into the city, irrespective of their country of origin.

The government put a total ban on non-residents from entering the city and also closed all bars, alcohol shops and most of the restaurants to prevent the outbreak from further spreading.

Surprisingly, there was never a nationwide lockdown announcement by the government. Instead, people were left on their judgment to comply with the regulations to tackle the virus.

So far, COVID-19 has been reported in only 1,041 people in total and 4 lives have been claimed. About 900 patients have already recovered from the infection.

Now that the second wave of coronavirus has been dealt with, nationals of Hong Kong want to resume normal life as soon as possible, especially because the three-month lockdown has affected the country’s economy massively.

"I do feel very strongly, and also echoed by many people in society, that the time for some relaxation, for some lifting of the restrictions that we put on this social contact has come," said Chief Executive Carrie Lam, city’s leader.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong. Photo: Courtesy

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