2014 is almost upon us and many are looking to the New Year to bring that long hoped for job, raise or long lasting relationship. Many people enjoy reading their daily horoscope, for some it is just for fun. Others look at their zodiac in the belief that that the alignment of the stars and planets have a profound influence on their lives and what path they should take. There is a zodiac for every month of the year and each sign has its own set of characteristics said to be unique to those born under that sign.

A series of horoscope websites have put together a list of predictions for each astrological sign for the year 2014. Beginning with the Aries if you are looking to make a love connection this year you may be out of luck. One website writes, “According to Aries 2014 astrology, it may be especially difficult for couples having problems. Conflicts may increase and parting is quite possible in 2014.” Business and career prospects don’t look so great either. Apparently Aries should not expect any major changes in their career or financially.

Astrology.com says that 2014 will be the year of the Taurus. A typical characteristic of the Taurus is that they are selfless and will often put the needs of others above their own. This year Taurus’ are advised to put their own needs ahead for once. Astrology.com writes, “No, this does not make you selfish or uncaring, this makes you true to yourself and with a greater capacity to give to your loved ones because you will no longer be running on empty -- which is probably how you've felt over the past few years.”

Next up we have the Gemini and those born under that sign can look to 2014 as a year that will be “soft and mellow.” Feeling unlucky? Well predictions say this will change in 2014 and you won’t even have to ask for a lot. 2014 will be the best year for your career by far as you climb the corporate latter with ease. As for your love life is concerned you are advised to stop over analyzing things and just “listen to your heart.”

Looking to climb the social ladder and accumulate a vast amount of wealth? Well if you are a Cancer that should be no problem in 2014. You should be warned however that predictions say your health will decline in 2014 with numerous trips to the doctor. One website warns that your health issues will result from stress at work and due especially to a few pesky colleagues.  So try not to let stress get the better of you this year. If you are looking to lean on a special someone in 2014 predictions say this is not the year for lovers but stressful relationships.

Ok Leo it looks like 2014 is the year for you. Predictions say you should prepare for a year of “amazing luck” The first half of the year will be quiet and uneventful and horoscope sites say you should use this time to prepare for what is to come during the second half of the year. You will be lucky in love in 2014 and it also seems to be the year when you should take a chance at work. It just may make you “the golden child in 2014.” 

Virgo is up next and 2014 is said to be a year in which Virgos will be more helpful to others than themselves. Friends will come to you for advice and may be surprised by what a “trove of helpful information you are,” at least that is according to horoscope.com. Libra should also prepare for a good year, but look toward the end of the year as the time when life will get really exciting. Horoscope.com suggests the big changes will come on Sept. 24 so don’t be afraid to go out try a few new things.

In 2014 Scorpio is advised to prepare for some major changes. Your love life will see some ups and downs and horoscope predictions say your career will get better but only if you improve your communication skills. Don’t be afraid to take a risk this year. Your financial prospects are said to be improving as well and this year your health will be at its peak. Sagittarius should expect a similar year filled with changes, prosperity, good health and a long lasting relationship.

Capricorn should expect 2014 to be the year of their career. Predictions say the goals you reach this year will be far beyond your expectations. Aquarius is encouraged to travel much more in 2014. You may be used to hanging out at home but predictions say 2014 will bring new experiences if you just get up and go! Finally we have the Pisces and predictions say 2014 will be a year of “rebirth” for those born under this sign. Expect romance and passion and you are encouraged to focus on your career and expect a larger work load and the pay that goes with it.