Having been on air for eight long years now, “The Voice” has faced many ups and downs over the course of its run. One of the biggest challenges that the show recently had to face was the departure of Adam Levine.

“The Voice” host Carson Daly confirmed Levine’s departure in May on the “Today” show, where he also announced that Blake Shelton’s girlfriend and former “The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani would be his replacement. Shelton, who has been with Levine since the show’s debut, admitted that it was hard keeping himself together following Levine’s departure announcement.

“The Voice” Season 16 suffered from low ratings, and everyone feared that Levine leaving the show might only hurt the next season even more. However, Shelton believes that Stefani going onboard is a ray of hope for the show.

Asked how he felt about Levine’s departure, Shelton admitted that “it sucks,” considering that he’s been a major part of the show for close to a decade. He said, however, that Stefani saved the show and might just be the perfect solution to Levine’s absence.

“The one thing that makes it better and okay is that they brought Gwen in. Not just because Gwen’s and my relationship — it’s because she’s a veteran of that show,” he Shelton said.

Stefani first left the show in 2014 after serving as a coach for three nonconsecutive seasons. According to Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani is the perfect choice to help the show transition without Levine in Season 17.

“She’s familiar with it and gets it,” he said. “And that made me feel better because that show is a complicated thing. When you’re a coach on there … and at the same time you’re also supposed to be entertaining the audience at home, it’s kind of a juggling act,” he added.

With Stefani now onboard, fans of “The Voice” can expect more bantering and playful competition next season. Stefani and Shelton will be joined by returning coaches John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson joined the 14th season of “The Voice” in February 2018, while Legend joined the 16th season in September of that same year.

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"The Voice" Season 16 judges. The Voice/Facebook

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