Nobody likes cheaters. More so, if you’re a seasoned player at Fall Guys. Not too long ago, the team took to Twitter to announce the launch of a platform that brings all the dishonest players together -- a Cheater Island!

The intent behind the launch was pretty simple: to deal with gamers who’ve legitimately breached trust, without necessarily banning them. The speculations were short-lived, as recent reports suggest that Mediatonic's devilish scheme failed to capture enough genuine cheaters -- a minimum of 40 players -- around to adequately populate the secret island in order to begin the match.

In order for the Studio to tackle the tricky crisis, the Fall Guys devs reportedly trapped cheaters within the game's initial matchmaking “falling” sequence. This in a way meant that anyone who was guilty of “falling forever” was in most cases identified as cheaters. What followed soon after, in the last week, was a comedy of errors -- the chaos depicted Fall Guys in a bad light, as Social media feeds began to be filled with cheated-filled matches. And, that marked the untimely end of the Cheater’s Island.

But, all’s not lost as Mediatonic is still persevering, and trying to figure a way out to figure out more feasible anti-cheat solutions that will nab questionable players in the long run.

The team has urged fans to keep close tabs on the Studio’s forthcoming updates.

The Fall Guys recent update read: “Our cheat detection system was good but we hadn't expected so many players and we had no idea the lengths that some players would go to cheat. We tried to create a system around honesty,” the studio tweeted. “But as soon as we realized we were in an ARMS RACE we called up the experts at Epic,” they added.

The entry of this unusual set-up to get back at cheaters isn’t uncommon. Infinity Ward went down a similar path to tackle flaky players.

One thing is certain. The abrupt closure of the “Cheater’s Island (as cliched as it may sound) is perhaps just the beginning. The Fall Guys’ upcoming Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus updates are ready to be launched this fall.

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