I watched Karla Souza for the first time on the movie “Me Late Chocolate” and she got me really excited with her acting. She’s very organic and sassy but also seems to be very professional and capable of handling her instrument with simplicity and passion. Her recent work on “Qué Culpa Tiene El Niño” is one of the best acting from a Mexican Latina young actress I have ever seen.

She has an impeccable career, full of very accurate projects in the Spanish market, and even though she has acted out in American movies many times, some years ago she decided to start venturing into Hollywood with an exquisite start. We wish her a solid career into this market and we’re sure she’ll nails it.

These are the reasons why Karla will be the next Latina bright star in Hollywood.

1- Karla Comes From A Prominent Spanish Acting Career

This Mexican actress has had a vast career working in several Mexican projects including telenovelas, short films and movies before starting the journey to Hollywood. 

2- Her Acting Abilities Are Outstanding

Souza is an amazing performer since she’s been training as an actress for more than 15 years. She studied acting at renown school CEA in Mexico and also attended acting school in France and then in London at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

3-  She's On “How To Get Away With Murder”

Thanks to her participation on the popular series as Laurel Castillo, Karla has reached a lot of popularity and her role has been really praised in the media since the beginning.

4- Karla Slays Red Carpets

Her dazzling eyes and undeniably beauty make this actress really run into the most popular red carpets like a star. We know she’ll slay!

 5- She’s everywhere

She’s literally everywhere; you can see her in 3 commercials in the United States.

 6- Premiered Her First English Language-Leading Role In A Movie

Karla started 2017 with her first leading role on an English-speaking language project with "Everybody Loves Somebody." Even though the movie it’s develop in Spanglish, most of the time the actress speaks to her "American boyfriend" in English.

7- Straight Ahead to Hollywood

Although she is been working on different American series or movies through the years, in couple of months, the actress will premiere the American film “Jacob’s Ladder” starring Michael Ealy and Jesse Williams.

8- She Produced Bilingual Movie

Actress decided to produce her new completely bilingual romantic comedy “Everybody Loves Somebody" because of the underestimation over real latino content in Hollywood. 

What do you think of Karla as a Latin star in Hollywood? Please, leave your comments.