Las Vegas and the world is still mourning after the tragic loss of so many lives during a concert on The Strip. A mass shooter killed innocent people watching a show, targeting them from his Mandalay Bay hotel room. Following the tragedy many victims and their families are in dire need of help and Verizon is helping their customers, that wish to donate money, do so in a simple way. The funds will go to the National Compassion Fund by simply texting the word VEGAS to 20222.

“It is with heavy hearts and a helping spirit that we encourage our customers to donate what they can to support the individuals and families impacted by this unbelievable tragedy,” said Krista Bourne, president of Verizon’s South Central Market.

Any Verizon Wireless customer who would like to help the victims and their families can easily donate to the National Compassion Fund. Created by the National Center for Victims of Crime, The National Compassion Fund collects money for victims of mass casualty crimes and distributes that money directly to the victims and their families. 100% of the funds received through this text-to-donate effort will be distributed to those impacted by the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas.

The National Compassion fund is a safe, transparent way for the public to give directly to the victims of mass casualty crimes, including shootings and terrorist attacks, according to their website. The Fund was first proposed by victims and families from past mass casualty crimes across the country, including 9/11, Columbine, Va Tech, NIU, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Newtown. After they experienced stressful and prolonged negotiations attempting to collect money donated in their names, they asked the National Center for Victims of Crime to partner with them to develop a new model of giving—one that genuinely serves victims, donors, and the wider public.